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Tips to Keeping Children Safe on the Roads



Your primary goal should be to behave and act appropriately on and around roads, so the children will learn and follow on from your actions. Children are excitable and at times naughty, so it is essential to teach them road safety to keep them safe.

Practice road safety

As your children are growing they need to practice daily activities so they can learn from them. If you need to go out to the shops, or take the dog for a walk, bring your child along. Talk to them about road safety, teach them things like hand-holding and no running across the road. The more you practice the more confident your children will be around roads, and in understanding how to behave properly on and around them.

Hold hands

Hold your children’s hand, or get them to hold each other’s hands. This can help prevent any accidents on the road such as tripping, as you already have a hold of them and can bring them back up promptly. You should also teach children the pace they should walk across the roads, as they will try to match you as they hold your hand. Walk at a brisk pace, but not so fast as to outpace your child. This also means children will instinctually want to hold hands when crossing the road together without a parent and keep an eye out for one another.
Be mindful of car parks
If you’re out at the playground with your children, ensure they stay clear of the car park, even if it’s empty. Locate where the safety bollards are, and tell them they shouldn’t be close to those bollards, and to never pass them without a grown-up. Car parks are dangerous, especially for children as they can be difficult for drivers to see, due to their height and unexpected behaviour at times. The best thing to do is keep them away unless you’re with them to go to your car.

Use helmets on bikes

Kids love to play and ride bikes and will want to ride a lot. Introduce them to bikes at a younger age and always make sure they wear a helmet. If they don’t put it on, then they aren’t playing on a bike. It is required by law for everyone to wear helmets, across Australia. Studies suggest helmets can prevent 65% of all lethal injuries on a bike. Remember; no helmet, no bike.
Wear highly visible clothes
If you’re taking your kids out for a walk, it’s a good idea to make them wear brightly coloured clothes. Bright colours are easier to see, especially when it’s low light such as in the evening and night, so drivers will know you and your kids are nearby when they drive past. Kids usually love bright colours anyway, so this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Make sure they wear seat belts

In the car you should never drive without a seatbelt, the same goes for children, no matter where they’re sitting in the car. If they have a booster seat, ensure that it’s clipped in properly. It doesn’t matter how long the drive is, take the time to make sure your children are buckled in safely for the drive. It doesn’t take much for a car accident, seat belts are required by law to be worn by all occupants in the car, 60% of Australian road deaths could have been prevented by the use of seatbelts.

Use child lock

Children love to fiddle and grasp at anything and everything, the door handle of your car is no exception. Your children should never get out of a car before an adult takes them out, and if possible keep them on the passenger side so they exit the vehicle onto the curb.

Drive responsibly

You should always drive responsibly, irrespective of whether there are children or not in your car, your actions have an impact others on the road. But when your children are in the car with you, you should always make sure you keep driving responsibly, throughout their lives. As a parent or guardian, you will be someone they look up to, and will most likely be influenced by your actions, and if you’re a responsible driver, it’s likely your children will be too when the time comes for them to learn how to drive.

Never leave a child in a car unattended

Over 5000 children are rescued from cars that are left unattended in cars. Cars can raise to 30 degrees Celcius hotter than it is outside. Even on a normal 20-degree day, your car can get up to 50 degrees, which can possibly lead to severe dehydration or even death.

Don’t let them out alone if they are young

If you have young children around 7 or under, you should keep them within your site even at home outside. This ensures any adventerous children don’t venture into any out of bounds areas or, out onto the street. If you have a responsible older sibling, ensure they always stay together if they are out together.

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Telegram confirms subscription for additional features



WhatsApp competitor Telegram will launch its own subscription later this month. This gives users wider limits and extras, such as animated profile pictures, exclusive stickers and animated reactions.

Telegram CEO and founder Pavel Durov announced the arrival of Telegram Premium last weekend  , after many details about the subscription had already been leaked. “It also allows users to support Telegram and join the club that will be the first to receive new features,” Durov said. All existing functions of the chat service remain free, he emphasizes.

With the subscription, Telegram gets a new source of income, in addition to the ads it shows in “one-to-many” channels, where one sender messages a large number of followers. According to Durov, those kinds of ads are “a greater success than expected.” Subscribers will no longer see such ads. Durov: “I believe that Telegram should be funded primarily by its users, not by advertisers. So our users will always remain our number one priority.” 

Extra options and limits doubled

Durov has not yet announced the subscription price, but according to leaked details, Telegram Premium will cost 5 euros per month. For this, subscribers get all kinds of extra options, such as animated avatars in chat lists and exclusive stickers with all kinds of effects. They also no longer see advertisements on public channels. 

For subscribers, the limits in the app are also doubled. For example, they get access to a thousand channels, 20 chat folders, four accounts, ten favorite stickers and 400 GIFs. They can also use longer bios and captions, upload files up to 4GB and automatically convert voice messages to text.

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Military 4G cell phone jammer for prisons



I already thought that cell phone blocker could also be used as a security tool to assist people. It is really useful nowadays. You will find that cell phone signal blockers are really helpful to people. People today only need to follow their actual needs and requirements. Choose those. For example, when people need a signal jammer that can be used in the car, they only need to choose the one that is designed together with the car charger. Regarding those signal blockers that need to be used outdoors, they will choose waterproof cell phone blockers. You can get useful information in this article.

Today, many important places, such as the military, prisons, government departments and many other places, cell phones and other communication tools and many other devices are not allowed to enter the room, but also not allowed to use the network, use in this situation can assist people to cut off the cell phone signal device so that they can not make and receive calls. If you have, you need to find a suitable military and prison use of 4G cell phone jammer.

First of all, you can look at the “high-powered waterproof prison cell phone signal shielding fragment” example title, and then look at the details of this high-powered 4G cell phone jammer cited, the design of four antennas. This 4G cell phone shield can simultaneously cut off CDMA GSM DCS PCS 4G signal, according to the strength of the details, shielding range of up to 120 meters, due to high-power 4G cell phone shield is designed using 80W high-power. Thus, the quality of heat dissipation zero fragmentation also allows this high-power 4G mobile shield to maintain good working form, easy to complete the purpose of uninterrupted work.

So the waterproof design of this high-power 4G cell phone jammer is very weak in order to keep it in good working form even under harsh conditions. With such a weak and good talent, this high-powered waterproof 4G cell phone jammer can be lost in the military, prisons and many other places, as well as many other waterproof 4G prison signal jammers and other high-powered waterproof signal jammers.

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5 Interesting Facts about Bortnikoff Perfumes



Bortnikoff is a niche perfume brand founded by Dmitry Bortnikov in 2017. By education, the architect Dmitry Bortnikov became interested in the distillation process, having temporarily moved Southeast Asia and, in particular, Thailand. Together with his friend, they devoted time to finding unique ingredients and, becoming masters of distillation, created the Feel Oud company for the production of rare essential oils.

As part of this brand, friends experimented a lot with rare types of oud obtained in remote areas of Southeast Asia, and eventually became one of the three world leaders in the distillation of agarwood. In addition to oud, Dmitry Bortnikov has succeeded in distilling the roots of centennial sandalwood, combining it with the essential oils of wild Thai white lotus, Thai water lily, pink lotus, jasmine, as well as tropical fruits and flowers.

And although the company could not compete with wholesale suppliers in terms of production, it offered unique raw materials of the highest quality, allowing you to create an extraordinary olfactory palette. Ultimately, the possession of unique raw materials, the relentless search for even more interesting fragrances and a rich perfume experience led to the fact that only one step remained before the appearance of their own brand. So in 2017, Dmitry Bortnikov presented his premiere perfume collection as part of the Bortnikoff Company.

When working on a brand, the perfumer paid great attention to the ingredients. His task was to search for the rarest and most unusual materials. Creating a new perfume, Dmitry Bortnikov used components such as beaver stream from Russia, wild Vietnamese oud oil, real white ambergris of the Atlantic sperm whale, white Indonesian rose hybrid and other raw materials, the recipes of which are kept secret by the producing families.

It must be said that all Bortnikoff perfumes are produced in limited editions. And this is not a tribute to fashion, but is dictated by the specifics of perfume raw materials. The perfumes of the Russian company consist of 85-100 percent natural ingredients, so these compositions cannot be repeated or recreated. How impossible it is to find trees with the same smell and equally distill them. Each component is unique and a new batch will differ in its aroma, depending on the season of harvest, rainfall or air temperature during flowering.

In addition, the number of notes that make up the composition can reach fifty, and this makes it almost impossible to recreate one or another Bortnikoff eau de toilette. The collections of the company are distinguished by their uniqueness, complexity, the best quality, which will certainly be appreciated by connoisseurs of high-class perfumery.

Here are the most demanded perfumes by Bortnikoff available at BeautiNow:

Amber Cologne Eau de Parfum

Top Notes: frangipani, zoete sinaasappel, roze grapefruit, witte grapefruit, bergamot, citroen en kardemom

Heart notes: Jasmijn Sambac, Sandelhout en Virginia Ceder

Base notes: Ambergris, Vanille en Agarhout (Oud)

Oud Cologne Extrait de Parfum

Top notes: Bitter Orange,White Grapefruit,Bergamot,Juniper Berries and Pink Pepper

Heart notes: Pine needles,Nutmeg,Geranium and Rose

Base notes: Ambergris,Thailand Oud,Siam Benzoin,Tonka Bean and Vetiver

Musk Khabib Extrait de Parfum

Top notes: Nutmeg,Bergamot and Cardamom

Heart notes: Ylang-Ylang,Tolu Balsam and Cedar

Base notes: Natural Musk,Ambergris,Vanilla,Tonka Bean,Oakmoss and Vetiver

Musk Cologne Eau de Parfum

Topnoten: mandarijn,zoete sinaasappel,citroen en bergamot

Hartnoten: ylang-ylang,tuberoos,lelietje-van-dalen,groene thee en magnolia

Basisnoten: natuurlijke musk,sandelhout en guaiac-hout

Sayat Nova Extrait de Parfum

Topnoten: Abrikoos,Narcis

Hartnoten: Rum,Vanille

Basisnoten: Oud uit Laos,Bengaals Oud,Oud uit Trat,Eikenmos

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