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Download Minecraft Skins for Free



Minecraft Skins

Minecraft skins allow players to customize their in-game characters with different looks and designs. These skins can be created or downloaded from various websites and applied to a player’s account. Active voice is when the subject of the sentence is performing the action. Here is an example of a post written in active voice about Minecraft skins:

“Customize your Minecraft character with the latest skins available online. Browse through a variety of designs and find the perfect one that fits your style. Download and apply the skin to your account to make your character stand out in the game. Show off your unique look to other players and make your mark in the Minecraft world.”

Features of Minecraft Skins

Minecraft skins are a great way to personalize your in-game character and make it unique to you. Some of the key features of Minecraft skins include:

  • Customization: Players have the ability to change the appearance of their character by applying different skins. This allows for a wide range of creative possibilities and allows players to express their individuality.
  • Variety: There are countless skins available for Minecraft, from pre-made designs to custom creations. This means that there is something for everyone, and players can choose a skin that best represents their personal style.
  • Easy to use: Applying a skin to your Minecraft character is a simple process. Players can easily download skins from a variety of online sources and then apply them to their account in just a few clicks.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Minecraft skins can be used across all platforms, including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and mobile devices. This means that players can take their unique character with them no matter where they play.
  • Free and Paid: Many skins are free to use, but some skins are paid. These skins are usually more detailed, unique and with more features than free skins.

In conclusion, Minecraft skins allow players to customize the appearance of their in-game character, express their individuality and stand out in the Minecraft community. With a wide variety of designs available and easy to use, it’s a great way to make your mark in the game.

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PortalOne Raised $15 Million From Founders Fund, Atari, and Kevin Lin’s Twitch



portalone 15m fund twitch kevin lin

PortalOne Earlier this month, at the tvlunden TechCrunch, the founders of the port alone, a company that creates online games, raised 15 million dollars to launch their first game, portalone 15m fund twitch kevin lin called Twitch. The game will be available on a mobile device and will also have a web version. It will have a variety of different games, including a slingshot game that allows users to throw objects, shoot enemies, and hit other players. The company is also working on a game that allows players to play the role of an astronaut. It is hoped that the game will be released soon.

Portalone 15m Atari founders fund twitch

Founders Fund, Atari, and Kevin Lin’s Twitch have all invested in PortalOne. This company is aiming to deliver the best of both worlds, a gaming experience with live television content. The company has been in closed beta for a while, but it is expected to move out soon. PortalOne, which will soon be open to the public, has received a $15 million seed from Founders Fund. Other notable investors include Atari, Coatue Management, Rogue Capital Partners, TQ Ventures, and Signia Venture Partners.

The aforementioned $15 million seed will help fund the development of a game that promises to take gaming to the next level, by adding a live media component. The company also aims to build a social community around its game engine.

portalone 15m Atari founders fund Kevin

During the recent years, portalone gaming devices have been declining in popularity. But a group of former Atari employees has decided to start a fund to support portalone gaming devices. Their goal is to raise $1 million by the end of the year. They believe there is a demand for port-alone devices in the market. They have already raised over $100,000 and hope to raise more funds. They have already invested in companies such as Twitch and Atari. The former employees believe there is enough interest in the project to raise money.

Among the investors are Xen Lategan, the former executive advisor at several companies, and Mike Morhaime, the founder of Dreamhaven. Others include Talis Capital, TQ Ventures, and Signia Venture Partners. The company’s primary product encrypts data before it leaves a computer. It also offers the ability to block cookies and trackers. They are in closed beta right now, but they hope to enter the market soon.

Portalone has been gaining attention for its unique data protection methods. It has a browser extension that blocks cookies, trackers, and government surveillance. The company has been working with companies such as Twitch, which is a live streaming video platform. They have also invested in eSports.

Portalone 15m Atari founders fund in

Having raised over $15 million, PortalOne, a hybrid gaming and TV show app, is getting ready to launch into the market. The startup company has secured investments from a number of top players in the gaming industry, including Atari, Twitch, and Coatue Management. It is also backed by investors such as Sunny Dhillon, the founder of Signia Venture Partners and the former CTO of Hulu, and Talis Dhillon, the founder of TQ Ventures.

PortalOne is also working with a number of gaming companies, including Riot Games, Blizzard, and Dreamhaven. The company’s main product is an online security tool that encrypts data before it leaves the computer, protecting it from hackers and government surveillance. The company also aims to create a social community around its game engine.

The company’s other investors include Atari, Founders Fund, Seedcamp, Rogue Capital Partners, and Coatue Management. It also has investment from Twitch, the popular live-streaming video platform. According to the company’s COO, eSports is the fastest-growing category in the gaming industry.

Portalone 15m Atari Kevin tvlundentechcrunch

Earlier this year, a group of former Atari employees launched a fund to support the development of the Port alone, a gaming device. They believe there is enough interest in the project to raise the required funding. Their goal is to raise $1 million by the end of the year.

The company is led by Atari founder Nolan Bushnell, who is also the CEO of Twitch, the live-streaming video platform. Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin is also part of the investment. Other investors include Atari, Talis Capital, SNO Ventures, and Seedcamp.

Atari hopes to capitalize on the portability of its Portalone gaming device, which is also able to stream to Twitch-enabled devices. Portability has always been a key factor in the gaming industry. The Portalone is compact and light, which helps make it easy to carry around. It also offers a browser extension that helps users block trackers and cookies. The product is also designed to encrypt data before it leaves a computer, protecting it from hackers and government surveillance.

PortalOne, the creator of what the company is calling ‘the world’s first hybrid games platform’, has secured $15 million in seed funding from some very heavy hitters in the worlds of tech, games, and media, including Twitch, Blizzard, Riot & Atari.

Tag: Portalone 15m Fund Twitch Kevin Lin

The company is bringing together the worlds of TV production and game development, and tying it all together with tech. PortalOne has developed a blend of streaming video and interactive games, delivered to virtual reality headsets or mobile phones. Users can participate in live streamed ‘game shows’, within which they can compete in interactive games.

After running a closed beta of its service for the last several months, the company is now preparing to launch in the US later this year, with the retro-inspired PortalOne Arcade, which will place the show’s guests inside ‘super-sized’ versions of classic arcade games – they’ve just signed an exclusive seven year deal with Atari – as well as original new titles.

PortalOne is also planning to open its platform up to third party creators, enabling other companies to publish their own hybrid games.

While the blend of live-streamed video and online gaming may not seem like a natural combination, some of the world’s biggest tech, media and games investors are giving PortalOne their support.

The $15m seed funding round included: Founders Fund (Peter Thiel), TQ Ventures (Scooter Braun, Schuster Tanger and Andrew Marks) and Signia Venture Partners whose LPs include Warner Bros., Disney and Tencent.

The round also saw participation from a number of high profile angel investors, including Kevin Lin (co-founder of Twitch), Mike Morhaime (co-founder of Blizzard and Dreamhaven), Amy Morhaime (co-founder of Dreamhaven), Marc Merrill (co-founder of Riot Games), Xen Lategan (former CTO and executive advisor at various companies such as Hulu), and Eugene Wei (former Head of Video at Oculus and Head of Product at Hulu). PortalOne’s strategic partners Atari and ARRI also invested.

PortalOne was co-founded in Norway, by brothers Stig Olav Kasin and Bård Anders Kasin. Bård previously worked as a Technical Director at Warner Bros. where he worked on revolutionary movie productions like the Matrix Trilogy. He also previously co-founded The Future Group, which provides mixed reality solutions for media production. Stig Olav previously worked as an award-winning developer and executive producer of interactive entertainment and mobile games. His background as television executive includes leading roles for shows like The Voice and Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Bård Anders Kasin, CEO and Co-founder of PortalOne, said: “We are incredibly fortunate to have been joined by a number of true icons and visionaries who immediately grasped the unique potential of PortalOne. To get such strong backing from so many industry innovators at such an early stage of this journey is something you can only dream of. All of our investors bring tremendous value to the table and we are grateful for all of their support.”

Scooter Braun, Co-founder of TQ Ventures, said: “As PortalOne continues to grow, it is seamlessly integrating the gaming and entertainment worlds to create a single interactive experience and endless opportunities for content creation. Creators and performers alike want new and innovative ways to bring their craft to life, and PortalOne is meeting that demand in a way that no other business has done. I’m excited to work with the entire team to realize their trailblazing vision. I have never seen anything like this before.”

Kirill Tasilov, Principal at Talis Capital, said: “Massive opportunities continue to emerge in the interactive entertainment space as distribution and business models evolve. PortalOne is redefining mobile by unlocking new hybrid experiences at the intersection of games and video, and we are thrilled to be a part of their journey.”

Kevin Lin, Co-founder of Twitch, said: “The next big social platform will likely be a convergence of media with gaming at its core – a truly new immersive interactive experience – and PortalOne is a major contender for becoming such a platform.”

Sunny Dhillon, Partner at Signia Venture Partners, said: “When we see virtual concerts inside of TikTok, Roblox, and Fortnite, it’s great but PortalOne offers an evolution of interactive metaverse entertainment – true real-time, one-to-many interaction between gamers around the world, all in a mobile-native hybrid game format. We’re thrilled to partner with Bård Anders and Stig Olav on this journey.”

Delian Asparouhov, Principal at Founders Fund, said: “We back companies that we believe have strong potential to become global category leaders. PortalOne creates a new category and simultaneously the platform that is clearly set to dominate that new category. The market is ripe, the opportunity is clear, and the potential is unlimited. PortalOne is poised to create a before and after in the industry.”


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Understanding Telstra Speed Test: How to Measure and Optimize Your Internet Connection



telstra speed test


The internet has become an integral part of our daily lives, and fast and reliable internet connectivity is crucial for many of our activities, from streaming videos to working from home. Telstra is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Australia, providing internet and phone services to millions of customers. In this guest post, we will discuss the Telstra Speed Test and how to use it to measure and optimize your internet connection.

What is Telstra Speed Test?

The Telstra Speed Test is a free online tool that allows you to measure the speed of your internet connection. It measures the download and upload speeds of your connection, as well as the latency or ping, which is the time it takes for a signal to be sent from your device to a remote server and back. The test is conducted by sending a small amount of data to and from a server, and the results are displayed in megabits per second (Mbps) or milliseconds (ms).

Why Use Telstra Speed Test?

The Telstra Speed Test is a useful tool for several reasons. Firstly, it allows you to measure the actual speed of your internet connection, which can be different from the speed advertised by your service provider. Knowing your actual speed can help you troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing, such as slow loading times or buffering.

Secondly, the Telstra Speed Test can help you determine if your internet connection is stable and consistent. If you notice fluctuations in your speed test results, it could indicate a problem with your connection that needs to be addressed.

Lastly, the Telstra Speed Test can help you determine if you are getting the best value for money from your service provider. If your internet connection is consistently slower than the speed you are paying for, you may want to consider upgrading to a higher-speed plan or switching to a different provider.

How to Use Telstra Speed Test

Using the Telstra Speed Test is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps to perform a test:

  1. Go to the Telstra Speed Test website
  2. Click on the “Start Test” button
  3. Wait for the test to complete
  4. View the results, which will include your download speed, upload speed, and latency

It’s important to note that the location of the test server can affect the results of the test. The closer the server is to your location, the more accurate the results will be.

Tips for Optimizing Your Internet Connection

Here are some tips to help you optimize your internet connection and improve your speed test results:

  1. Check your equipment: Make sure that all of your equipment, including your modem and router, are functioning properly and are up to date.
  2. Connect directly to your modem: If you are using a router, try connecting your device directly to the modem to see if this improves your speed test results.
  3. Run a virus scan: Make sure that your computer is free of malware, as this can slow down your internet connection.
  4. Disable background applications: Close any unnecessary applications or programs that may be running in the background, as these can consume bandwidth and slow down your connection.
  5. Restart your equipment: Restarting your modem and router can help to clear any issues that may be causing your internet connection to slow down.


The Telstra Speed Test is a useful tool for measuring and optimizing your internet connection. By understanding your actual speed and identifying any issues that may be affecting your connection, you can take steps to improve your internet experience and get the most out of your service provider

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Things to Look for In A Top Mobile App Development Company

In this article we have discuss about things to look for in a top mobile app development company. Read and learn



Mobile App Development

A key component of the marketing strategies used mostly by a number of businesses is the development of mobile applications. The designing and creating of mobile apps has grown at a rapid pace over the last few years and has become a significant industry in the digital space. And we‘re pretty sure that you know well that there has been a rise in the use of mobile apps recently.

Employing a mobile app development services agency is the best course of action if you want to create a mobile app for your business. But what to look for in a top mobile app development company? We’re going to discuss it in this article.

This article entails some amazing factors that you need to consider in order to choose a mobile app development company. So, read it out loud and develop an amazing app for your business.

 What to Look for In the Best Mobile App Development Services Agency? Read and Know

Here are some of the things that will let you understand prime things that a top mobile app development company possesses. Have a look.

Look at Their Portfolios

You should initially look through their portfolio (if any) of their past projects or work when you start the search for a mobile app development agency to hire.

You must thoroughly investigate the things you are thinking of hiring. You can better grasp the type of task the agency is capable of doing. You can get a better understanding of someone’s abilities if you take the time to explore the kind of work they love to do and the types of clientele they have experience working with.

Furthermore, compare the portfolios of the companies on your shortlist and make a decision if you have a shortlist of more than one.

Know Their Expertise

What ought you do as soon as you decide to hire a mobile app development services firm? As a result, you should pick the IT agency that best meets your needs since each one demonstrates its particular experience.

It is essential that they have the self-assurance and expertise necessary to provide the outcomes that you’re looking for. So, find a company that can demonstrate expertise in all areas of mobile app development services and can develop all types of mobile apps, including the Hybrid, Native, and PWA domains.

Their Agility

The agile development methodology is considerably dissimilar from many conventional methods. The former is how you could picture the project development, where the client waits until the project is finished and handed to them before giving it a final evaluation.

In contrast, the agile approach is all about working in partnership with the clients, the end users, and every cross-functional team within the app development company. Since you may participate in the project continuously and review what you like and dislike without wasting time, top app development agency employs this strategy in order to generate their apps.

Software and Resources

In the early 2000s, the range of software applications was fairly constrained. But compared to their predecessors from the past, these programs today provide a lot more features.

Our daily lives are now dominated by various apps; from chatbots and text-to-speech to weather forecasting and long-distance calling, there are software programs that handle all things in the best way. Utilizing contemporary technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, IoT, cloud computing, etc., has led to the development of all these functionalities, particularly the automation of repetitive jobs. These technologies are widely used by enterprises to provide a better and more unique user experience (UX).


Because there are so many factors at play, from the features needed and the project’s scope to continuing updates and upgrades, it is difficult to estimate the cost of developing an app.

You’ll probably receive quotes at a variety of price points, but it’s critical to comprehend the justification for each one. It’s not always advantageous to spend less money on apps. If the company offering the cheapest quote is unable to fulfill its promise, you could have to make a second purchase.

So, an excellent app development services agency is one that gives a special quote with structured pricing. This helps you to compare the time quoted, rather than simply the cost, and to see which features are the most expensive.


Pondering current market conditions, the best way of hiring a mobile app services agency is by getting a clear idea of your needs, the user and market requirements, and business challenges.

A good company always ensure engaging apps and easy procedure while keeping you updated about the app development process. So, if you’re looking for a successful mobile app development services agency, be sure to keep these things in mind and hire the best among the best effortlessly. Note that it is better to go with a full-scale services agency that offers;

  • Web development services
  • Video animation services
  • Graphic design services
  • Digital marketing services
  • Illustration design services
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