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What Makes Casino Gambling Enjoyable ? – Guest Blog News



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Casino gambling is a form of entertainment that has been enjoyed by millions of people for decades. Whether it’s playing the slots, trying your luck at the roulette table, or putting it all on black at the craps table, casino gambling can be an exciting and enjoyable experience. But what exactly makes casino gambling so enjoyable for so many people? In this article, we’ll explore some of the key factors that contribute to the enjoyment of casino gambling.

Casino Industry is a Non-stop Evolving Space

First, it’s important to understand that the online casino industry is an ever-growing and evolving space. With the advent of the internet, online casinos have become increasingly accessible, offering players the opportunity to experience the thrill of casino gambling from the comfort of their own homes. At smart casino guide, an online resource for casino gamblers, recommends that players choose an online casino that is reputable and licensed, such as those regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission. Choosing a reputable online casino is key to ensuring a safe and enjoyable gambling experience.

The Social Aspect
One of the key factors that makes casino gambling enjoyable is the social aspect. Casinos are designed to be social spaces, where people can come together and enjoy the excitement of the games. Whether you’re playing with friends or meeting new people at the casino, the social interaction and camaraderie that comes with casino gambling can be a major source of enjoyment. Online casinos also offer social features, such as live dealer games and chat rooms, which allow players to interact and engage with others while playing their favorite games.

The Sense of Risk and Reward
Another factor that makes casino gambling enjoyable is the sense of risk and reward. For many people, the excitement of gambling comes from the thrill of taking a chance and the potential to win big. Whether it’s hitting a jackpot on the slots or making a lucky bet at the craps table, the excitement of potentially winning big is a major source of enjoyment for many casino gamblers. And even if you don’t win big, the simple act of gambling can still be enjoyable in and of itself, providing a sense of anticipation and excitement.

Wide Variety of Games
Another key factor that makes casino gambling enjoyable is the variety of games available. From classic table games like blackjack and craps to the latest video slots, there is something for everyone at the casino. This variety of games allows players to try their luck at different types of games and find the ones that they enjoy the most. And with new games being developed all the time, there is always something new and exciting to try.

Various Payment Methods
Another important aspect that contributes to the enjoyment of casino gambling is the availability of various payment methods. When it comes to online casinos, having a range of payment options is essential, as it allows players to easily and quickly deposit and withdraw funds. This is not only convenient, but it also provides peace of mind and security, as players can choose the payment method that works best for them.

Comfortable and Convenient
Another factor that makes casino gambling enjoyable is the comfort and convenience that it offers. With online casinos, you can play from the comfort of your own home, without having to worry about traveling to a brick-and-mortar casino. This makes it easy and convenient to enjoy casino gambling, whenever you want.

Bonuses and Promotions
Many online casinos also offer bonuses and promotions, which can make the experience of casino gambling even more enjoyable. Whether it’s a welcome bonus, a loyalty program, or special promotions, these incentives can add value to your experience and increase your chances of winning big.

Lower House Edge
Another factor that contributes to the enjoyment of casino gambling is the assurance of fairness and safety. Many casinos implement measures to ensure that the odds are in the favor of the house, also known as the “house edge.” The house edge is the advantage that the casino has over the player, and it is what makes it possible for the casino to make a profit in the long run.

However, it is important for players to be aware of the house edge and understand that it is a built-in aspect of casino gambling. By knowing the house edge, players can make informed decisions about which games to play and what strategies to use.

More Safety
In addition to fairness, safety is also a crucial aspect of casino gambling. Online casinos and brick-and-mortar establishments alike must follow strict regulations to ensure that personal and financial information is protected. They must also use secure, encrypted technologies to prevent unauthorized access to this information.

Before playing at a casino, it’s important to check if the casino is licensed and regulated by a reputable authority. Casinos that have been certified by organizations such as eCOGRA (e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) or the Malta Gaming Authority are considered to be trustworthy and provide a high level of security.

Top-notch Customer Service
Customer service is an essential aspect of any enjoyable casino gambling experience. When you encounter a problem or have a question, you want to be able to get in touch with someone who can help you quickly and effectively. That’s why it’s important to choose a casino that offers quality customer service.

One way to assess the quality of customer service offered by a casino is to look for online reviews and testimonials from other players. These can give you a good idea of what to expect if you need help while playing. Additionally, look for casinos that offer multiple methods of contact, such as phone, email, live chat, or even a contact form on their website. This allows you to choose the method that works best for you and ensures that you can get the help you need quickly and efficiently.

Final Words
In conclusion, casino gambling is an enjoyable form of entertainment for many people due to a combination of factors, including the social aspect, the sense of risk and reward, the variety of games available, and the ambiance of the casino. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a beginner, taking the time to find the right online casino, understanding the games you’re playing, and experiencing the excitement and energy of the casino can help make your gambling experience enjoyable and memorable.

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Angry IT administrator destroys employer’s databases; sentenced to 7 years in prison



Angry IT administrator destroys employer's databases; sentenced to 7 years in prison

Han Bing, a former database manager for Lianjia, a major Chinese real estate agency, was given a 7-year prison term for breaking into company computers and erasing data.

Bing is accused of carrying out the conduct in June 2018, when he reportedly accessed the company’s finance system using his administrator rights and “root” account and deleted all previously saved data from two database servers and two application servers.

Large elements of Lianjia’s operations were immediately crippled as a result, leaving tens of thousands of workers without pay for an extended length of time and necessitating a data restoration effort that cost about $30,000.

However, because Lianjia has thousands of offices, employs over 120,000 brokers, owns 51 companies, and has an estimated $6 billion market value, the indirect costs from the firm’s economic disruption were significantly more detrimental.

examination of the staff
H. Bing was one of the five primary suspects in the event involving the data deletion, according to records made public by the court of the People’s Procuratorate of Haidian District, Beijing.

When the administrator refused to reveal his laptop password to the company’s inspectors, suspicions were quickly aroused.

Chinese media outlets who reprinted portions of the disclosed documents explain that “Han Bing stated that his computer had confidential data and the password could only be handed to official authorities, or would only accept entering it personally and being present during the checks.”

The checks were solely carried out to evaluate the response of the five employees who had access to the system because, as the investigators testified in court, they knew that such an operation wouldn’t leave any records on the laptops.

Finally, the experts were able to pinpoint the activity to particular internal IPs and MAC addresses after retrieving access records from the servers. The inspectors even collected WiFi network logs and timestamps, which they afterwards compared against CCTV footage to validate their suspicions.

The forensic expert hired by the company concluded that Bing had wiped the databases using the “shred” and “rm” commands. Rm deletes the files’ symbolic links, whereas shred overwrites the data three times with different patterns to make it unrecoverable.

Unhappy employee?
Unexpectedly, Bing had regularly warned his employer and superiors about security flaws in the finance system, even emailing other administrators to express his concerns.

He was mostly disregarded, nevertheless, as the departmental administrators never gave their approval for the security project he wanted to oversee.

This was supported by the testimony of the director of ethics at Lianjia, who told the court that Han Bing frequently argued with his superiors because he believed his organisational suggestions weren’t valued.

A similar incident occurred in September 2021 when a former employee of a credit union in New York deleted approximately 21.3GB of records in a 40-minute rampage as retaliation for her managers terminating her.

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Internet Explorer 11 support will no longer be offered by WordPress.



Internet Explorer 11 support will no longer be offered by WordPress.

WordPress, the most well-known and widely used blogging platform, is thinking about removing support for Internet Explorer 11 when its usage falls below 1%.

WordPress has discovered that the cumulative usage of IE 11 is less than 1% using the following three metrics:

according to StatCounter’s GlobalStats, 0.71%.
from W3 Counter, 1.2%
from, 0.46%
When WordPress stopped supporting Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 in 2017, these usage figures were comparable.

WordPress plans to discontinue support for Internet Explorer 11 in the future due to the low number of users and the significant expense of maintaining the browser.

“Regarding the present WordPress user experience, the majority of WordPress users ought to be aware by now that a flag was introduced to BrowseHappy around 13 months ago to not recommend IE. In connection with this, the entire IE11 experience is subpar and comes with a significant maintenance cost for developers “Last week, WordPress clarified in a blog post.

WordPress is requesting feedback from individuals and organisations that still use the browser by March 18th in order to formulate their strategies for ceasing support.

WordPress is not the only platform to stop supporting IE 11.

Microsoft Teams’ web app will no longer be supported by Internet Explorer, and Microsoft 365 would stop supporting it on August 17, 2021, according to a 2020 August Microsoft announcement.

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Major Canadian banks experience a bizarre, hours-long outage



Major Canadian banks experience a bizarre, hours-long outage

Major Canadian banks fell unavailable for several hours, denying consumers access to e-transfers, online and mobile banking, and other services.

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Scotiabank, Bank of Montreal, and Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) are among the institutions apparently affected by the outage (CIBC).

For many, online banking and e-Transfers are not working.
Yesterday, the main banks in Canada went offline, making it difficult for many people to access e-Transfers, online, and mobile banking services.

The number of reports of people experiencing problems accessing their online banking peaked on Wednesday between 5 and 6 p.m. Eastern time, while BleepingComputer is still receiving an influx of these reports today:


An RBC spokesman acknowledged that “we are currently having technical challenges with our online and mobile banking, as well as our phone services.”

“We have no ETA to offer at this time, but our specialists are looking into it and striving to fix it as soon as they can. We value your tolerance.”

Customers continued to report problems a few hours later, within 30 minutes of RBC declaring that all systems were operating normally:

Andrew Currie, an RBC client, stated that the disruption left him without “access to my money at the grocery store” and forced him to wait in line for the cash register for 30 minutes.

Customers of BMO also noticed that the bank’s “Global Money Transfer service” was unavailable “all day” and that transfers were being automatically denied without any apparent cause. Such customers were advised to contact customer care by a BMO representative.

Inconsistencies with their internet banking were not acknowledged by CIBC.

Customers were apparently locked out of the TD Bank mobile banking app, and customer support agents said they “haven’t been told of recent concerns with our online service through EasyWeb.”

According to a TD Bank representative speaking to BleepingComputer, the bank had no significant system issues or outages.

It’s unclear at this moment whether some people’s difficulties at the ATMs were caused by the outage. According to an RBC staffer, the customer experiencing ATM problems is using an old debit card:

Some transfers are subject to rules under the Emergencies Act.

Although the reason for the outage is unknown, its timing is very intriguing because it comes only a few days after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used the Emergencies Act in the midst of ongoing “Freedom Convoy” rallies.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland detailed the new rules that payment service providers must follow in accordance with the recently implemented Emergencies Act on Monday during a press briefing on Parliament Hill.

Additionally, without a court ruling and without risking civil liability, the Emergencies Act gives banks the power to freeze the accounts of people and companies they believe to be connected to the illegal blockades.

However, as the Deputy PM notes, since banks are currently required to report to FINTRAC, it is still unclear how new legislation will cause a planned or unanticipated outage.

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