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Tech nightmare vanishing green cards:



Tech nightmare vanishing green cards

Tech nightmare vanishing green, The fact that thousands of green cards are likely to be thrown away causes anger at Google, Microsoft, and other technology businesses, which in turn puts pressure on the Biden administration to prevent the situation from occurring again in the future.

Why it’s critical to have: Workers in the technology industry have been waiting for green cards for years, which will grant them permanent legal status in the United States. However, the pandemic has caused processing delays, which will make the workers wait even longer.

How it works: Each year, the United States issues a predetermined number of green cards to those who qualify for them based on their occupations and family ties.

  • This year, there were 260,000 job visas available, which is a significant increase from the typical 140,000 visas. This is due to the epidemic that occurred in 2020, which resulted in fewer people applying for family-based visas. Family cards that were not used during the course of a given year are carried over to the following year’s total number of employment cards.

The hitch is that the additional applications have been taking a significant amount of time to process. An official from the government stated earlier this summer that there was a backlog of 100,000 applications that wouldn’t be handled by the time the fiscal year ended on September 30th. It is not possible to transfer over into the following year any unused green cards from the previous year.

What’s going on: Businesses such as Google and Microsoft have been petitioning the government to come up with a solution to save the 80,000 employment-based green cards that are about to expire on September 30. These green cards are slated to run out on September 30.

  • According to Google’s statistics, only 13% of the job applications that have been submitted since October have been successful in getting people hired.
  • According to Kent Walker, senior vice president of worldwide affairs at Google, it does not make sense to leave tens of thousands of job applications unfilled at a time when businesses all over the country are having difficulties hiring suitable personnel. This was stated in an interview with Axios. Therefore, in an effort to find a solution to this issue, we are exerting a lot of effort to encourage individuals to collaborate.

They are essentially stating that thousands of employees at Google and Microsoft, together with their families, are currently waiting for green cards.

  • We currently have numbers that have been granted to us by Congress that can assist a large number of people who are currently caught in the backlog in becoming permanent citizens. According to Jack Chen, who works at Microsoft as an associate general counsel, Axios However, in the event that we are unable to come up with a solution, we will be forced to discard those statistics at the end of the month. “It was a big opportunity that was lost.”

Last week, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, wrote to Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, on behalf of the Business Roundtable, urging him to take action.

  • Cook, who is in charge of the Business Roundtable’s immigration committee, stated that in order to speed up the processes, officials should avoid asking for unnecessary documents and instead conduct all conversations by phone or email.
  • According to Cook stated in the letter, “the backlogs have produced uncertainty for big employers and concern for our employees and their families.” In some cases, the employees and their families had to wait decades to receive permanent residence status.

What’s at stake is the fact that children of parents who are waiting for green cards may lose their legal status when they turn 21. This is the most critical concern for these parents.

  • According to a statement that was provided to Axios by Sujit Koduru, a principal service engineering manager at Microsoft, “thousands of children, including my son, will be at a disadvantage if these figures aren’t used.”

A measure that would bring back unused family and employment-based green cards that were not utilized between 1992 and 2021 was adopted by the House Judiciary Committee last week as part of its plans for reconciliation. This proposal would bring back green cards.

  • It is bad for the economy of the United States to let congressionally approved immigrant visas go to waste, especially when the demand for these visas is as strong as it is, according to Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-California), who is the head of the House immigration subcommittee.
  • “Congress and the Biden Administration should work together to eliminate bureaucratic delays, reduce visa backlogs, and ensure that unneeded visas are reclaimed and made available for use,” according to one possible proposal.

Yes, but: Earlier this week, the Senate parliamentarian rejected other immigration policy changes that were included in the reconciliation agreement; however, she did not look at this particular amendment.

The backlog of work that needs to be done by immigration officials won’t be cleared up before the end of the month, as anticipated.

  • Both Microsoft and Google have approached the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services with a request to modify how the agency views its authority to retain unused green cards after the close of the current fiscal year.
  • A representative of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) told Axios that in order to speed up the process, they waived the need for fingerprinting applicants whose biometrics they already possessed and made other alterations.
    The official stated that the organization is investigating all possible legitimate and effective ways to make the most of visas.

According to David Bier, a research fellow at the Cato Institute, bringing in the best people in the world helps American companies come up with fresh ideas. This was something that Bier said in an interview with Axios. In addition to that, he stated that these workers make more than the top 10% of all workers in the United States.

  • “They would contribute considerably more if they had green cards and could establish enterprises or come up with various fresh ideas, but because of their status, they are unable to do that,” said Bier. “They would make a lot more of a contribution if they had green cards.” “I would suggest that high-skilled immigrants will leave this nation and go to other areas if these green cards are wasted and nothing is done about it,” said one immigrant. “It’s just not worth it.”

In a nutshell, Chen was quoted as saying to Axios, “There are a lot of difficult things about immigration.” It is not reasonable for this to be one of them. It is imperative that not a single one of these green card numbers be discarded or used up before the conclusion of the fiscal year.


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Texas Tech Colors: A Symbol of Pride and Identity



Texas Tech Colors

Texas Tech Colors has a significant impact on how we feel and what we take in information. Colours are used in branding because of their capacity to elicit particular reactions from consumers. Colours have a significant impact on Texas Tech University’s ability to leave a positive impression on its students, alumni, and surrounding community.


How Texas Tech Colors Affects Brand Recognition

Colours are more than simply a decorative feature; they’re a language that expresses a company’s goals, ideals, and culture. A well-thought-out colour scheme can do wonders for recall, community building, and lasting impressions.


Familiarising Yourself with Texas Tech Colors

Let’s learn more about Texas Tech as a school before we go into the meaning of its colours. Texas Tech University, which has been around since 1923, is a large research university with a reputation for strong academics, a wide range of offerings, and a lively student body. Texas Tech has become an essential element of Lubbock and the state of Texas thanks to its dedication to student achievement and involvement in the local community.


A Symbol of Pride and Individuality: The Texas Tech Colours

Scarlet and black are the primary colours.

The school’s primary colours are crimson and black. Scarlet, a deep and striking crimson, is representative of ardour, vigour, and resolve. It exemplifies the dedication of current and former members of the Texas Tech community. On the other hand, the colour black is associated with power, elegance, and resiliency. The combination of crimson and black is a stunning one that captures the essence of Texas Tech.


White and silver are the secondary colours.

Texas Tech also uses white and silver in addition to the traditional red and black. The university’s commitment to creating a welcoming and accepting community is reflected in the dominance of the colour white on campus. The use of silver, a metallic colour, elevates the overall aesthetic. These accent hues compliment scarlet and black to further solidify Texas Tech’s visual brand.


The Texas Institute of Technology’s Official Colours Have Deep Roots in Their History

Texas Tech’s official colours, red and black, have deep roots in the past. Students at the time of the school’s founding unanimously decided to adopt these hues as a tribute to the illustrious Harvard University. The colours scarlet and black, which signify the tenacity and success of the Texas Tech community, have become firmly engrained in the university’s traditions over the years.


Marketing and design with colour

Establishing a Powerful Visual Brand
The success of your marketing and design efforts depends on your ability to establish a distinct visual identity. Using Texas Tech’s official colours as a starting point, you can create a wide variety of consistent logos, websites, promotional materials, and merchandise. The university’s colors—scarlet, black, white, and silver—have been used consistently across all media to create a united brand.

Increasing Consumer Awareness
The university’s brand is strengthened by the continuous use of the school’s colours in advertising. Scarlet and black are easily recognisable as Texas Tech colours, and their inclusion in any marketing material, social media post, or campus sign serves to reinforce the brand’s ideals and raise awareness.

Sports play a big role at Texas Tech University, and the school’s athletic teams aren’t afraid to show their school spirit by wearing scarlet and black. A significant visual image of team spirit and solidarity is created by the widespread use of scarlet and black attire among both players and fans. Texas Tech’s teams benefit from the enthusiastic crowds and energising atmosphere created by the school’s signature bright colours.


Making the Most of Your Fans’ Time

Beyond the sportsmen, red and black are often used. Spectators are immersed in a unified and cohesive experience thanks to the use of these colours in the design of stadiums, arenas, and fan goods. Fans feel a sense of pride and excitement whenever they see their team’s colours, whether it’s a sea of red in the stands or a stadium decked out in scarlet and black banners.


Use of Colour in University Building Design and Decorations

The style and decoration of Texas Tech’s campus has been heavily influenced by the school’s colours. Scarlet and black accents add aesthetic interest to the architecture, signage, and landmarks of the area. Colourful decorations like these help students, teachers, and visitors feel welcome and proud of their school.


Creating a Family Feeling

Colours have the potential to foster a feeling of community and belonging. The Texas Tech University community can unite under a common set of colours. Scarlet and black are the unifying colours of the Texas Tech community, whether one is participating in a scarlet-themed event or simply observing someone wearing them around campus.


Colourful Events and Customs at Texas Tech Colors

Day of the Game “Scarlet Fever”
The scarlet and black colours represent school pride and game days at Texas Tech. These gatherings, known as “Scarlet Fever,” are a great way for students, alumni, and fans to show their support for the Red Raiders. The significance of Texas Tech’s scarlet and black colours in the university’s culture is further emphasised by the customs surrounding game days.

Festive Graduation Ceremonies
Graduation ceremonies at Texas Tech feature the school’s colours prominently. The colours scarlet (worn by the graduates) and black (used in the stage decorations) represent the success and perseverance of the graduating students. Graduating students and their loved ones will always remember the joyous occasion thanks to the vivid colour scheme.

Colour Scheme Development and Flexibility
Bringing the Company’s Logo Up-to-Date
Brands need to keep their traditions alive, but they also need to evolve with the times. Texas Tech understands the need of moving forward with the times while maintaining its unique culture. The university’s logo has changed over the years, but the school colours of crimson and black remain a constant. This guarantees that Texas Tech will always be a desirable and competitive institution.

Keeping the Old Ways While Welcoming the New
The red and black are still as important as ever at Texas Tech, despite the university’s openness to new ideas. The school is committed to both preserving its heritage and embracing modern trends in branding and design. Because of this careful balancing act between old and new, the Texas Tech colours have stood the test of time.



Colours are a powerful tool for communicating with consumers and establishing a distinct visual character for products. Colours have great significance in portraying Texas Tech University’s ideals, traditions, and spirit, and the university recognises this. For the people at Texas Tech, the colours scarlet, black, white, and silver represent more than just a range of tones on a colour wheel.

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How Microsoft Cloud Solutions Can Enhance Your Cybersecurity Measures



Cybersecurity Measures

Microsoft Cloud Solutions empower your organization to thrive in a changing world. They are industry leaders independently, but they also work better when combined with other Microsoft products and solutions.

Enhanced Security

Using the Microsoft Cloud, organizations can reduce investment costs, modernize work equipment and communicate with customers and partners in new ways. But it is a challenge to meet security requirements in the cloud environment.

A comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that addresses vulnerabilities specific to cloud data and workloads is crucial in securing the cloud. This requires unified visibility across private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments, continuous intelligent monitoring and alerting, and the ability to detect misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and data security threats before they become an issue.

The solutions in the Microsoft Cloud suite help ensure you have a strong security posture in the cloud. They are informed by real-time global cybersecurity intelligence delivered at a cloud scale through the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph and can detect threats faster.

Enhanced Compliance

Increasingly, businesses are moving workloads and data storage to cloud infrastructures. To do this, they must ensure their cloud deployments meet prevailing compliance requirements and other legislation.

Microsoft Cloud Solutions help you maintain compliance with your organization’s security standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring that your cloud resources are secure. For instance, Arctic IT is an enforcement solution that evaluates your cloud resources to see if they comply with assigned policies.

In addition to helping you maintain compliance with your company’s security standards and regulatory requirements, Microsoft Cloud Solutions can also help improve your compliance posture by recommending actions that can be taken to reduce risk factors in your environment. For example, Microsoft recommends changes to your network perimeter and implementing firewall rules and configuration settings.

Enhanced Availability

If you’re storing data and applications in the cloud, it’s essential to have proper security measures in place. These include implementing a solid encryption process, securing critical assets, and monitoring activity to prevent intrusions and cyberattacks.

Microsoft has several cybersecurity teams continually refining and improving security tools for cloud environments. They’re also working on various research projects to address emerging threats and help prevent them from occurring.

The security of your cloud environment is a crucial component of your overall IT strategy. It can be the difference between protecting your business from cyberattacks or losing it to them. We’ll assess your environment and work with you to implement the proper cybersecurity measures for your needs.

Enhanced Controls

The security department at Microsoft has been busy building out a suite of tools and services to help keep their customers safe. This includes a robust product line of specialized devices to monitor, alert and respond to threats.

They also have a research team churning out breakthrough technologies and identifying ways to make cloud computing more secure and user-friendly.

For example, the Microsoft patented technology Enhanced Tracking Control is a real-time input tagging system that uses machine learning to tag user input for subsequent analysis. Without human intervention, it can identify and report inputs on up to three independent floating-point axes. It is the first of its kind in the industry. The tagging technology is one of the many innovations that will help ensure Microsoft remains at the forefront of cloud computing.

Enhanced Performance

Microsoft Azure is one of the most scalable and cost-effective cloud infrastructures available. The SaaS delivery model helps businesses increase operational efficiency and shorten their time to value while allowing flexibility in changing market demands.

Security is built into the software from the beginning, with a multilayered approach that safeguards every component of your cloud environment. It also offers a wide range of tools and services that make it easy to secure your cloud apps.

In addition to providing excellent cybersecurity measures, Microsoft has extensive research labs worldwide dedicated to developing new technologies that address future threats and keep its customers’ data safe in the long run. This approach allows Microsoft to think longer term and anticipate the risks that may arise in the future, Wing said.

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Why You Need an API Security Strategy



Application programming interfaces (API) are everywhere. If you have a website or web application, it either uses or interacts with (or both) an API. While APIs are convenient for both companies and consumers, their openness to web users makes them vulnerable to attack. Developers and security teams often face challenges protecting APIs from exploits, and users with poor security hygiene make it even more difficult.

However, there are some things you can do to improve your API security. Using specific, automated security solutions and monitoring can help you control your traffic and access to your data. Although you won’t be able to guarantee perfect security, you can give your security team room to breathe in the rush to patch the hundreds of potential vulnerabilities that exist in any given web application.

APIs are Eating the World

The API concept that most people are familiar with is Google and Facebook’s ability to log them into third party websites. For example, if you want to access your favorite music streaming service or news site, you might use Google or Facebook rather than creating your own access credentials. Ease and speed of use makes APIs like this extremely popular among users.

For programmers, APIs make life a lot easier. They are compatible with most programming languages and cut down the work required to build an application significantly. For security professionals and developers, APIs are attractive due to their compatibility with various types of encryption, such as HTTPS or TLS. Their ability to communicate easily and interface with third-party apps and software makes them a good choice for collaboration and integrating new parts into an existing system.

Using definitions and protocols, APIs can communicate with other systems, allowing your system to easily interface with online applications. This makes your applications more flexible, which improves the user experience. APIs are becoming ubiquitous, and despite their security challenges, your business may not be able to compete without them.

API Security is a Challenge

With all that in mind, there isn’t much you can do to avoid using APIs if you want to be successful online, and considering the increased dependency on a company’s website to obtain products and services, you might need them to be successful offline also. Realistically, you should be using them; however, APIs come with a number of security risks. Companies often insufficiently protect their APIs, so cybercriminals are targeting them.

The number of potential exploits gets larger every day, and many organizations struggle to keep up. Security teams are swamped, and many companies wonder if the costs of securing their APIs are worth it (answer: an overwhelming yes). Another challenge is understanding various security measures. Application security, which is designed to protect data and ensure compliance, is essential to your security. However, an oft-overlooked component of effective data protection is API security.

While application security is important, API security serves a slightly different (but no less necessary) function. API security addresses the human component of vulnerabilities by protecting your API from misuse or unauthorized access, and it detects and helps stop malicious attacks. Think of application security as protection against data theft, whereas API security is flexible enough to allow consumer access to data while preventing attacker access.

App security is designed as a basic defense against attackers, focusing on access control, authorization, and encryption. It’s a preventative measure. API security is more reactive, and it focuses on detecting and stopping attacks already in progress.

Developing an API Security Strategy

You need application security for attack prevention, but the more complicated APIs require a more complex and dynamic approach. Since APIs are used by multitudes of users to access sensitive data, they have an enormous number of potential attack vectors, which means that relying strictly on preventative measures is not enough. In addition to standard application security tools and best practices, you should implement API security measures for the best chance of keeping sensitive data secure.

Consider using things like data discovery and classification to ensure that you know what data you have and where in your systems your data are stored. If you know those things before an attacker does, your odds of protecting that data are far better. Deep endpoint discovery is another useful tool that uses an image of your endpoints to detect unusual activity. Automated threat classification, which works by detecting changes to your environment and then evaluating vulnerabilities, is also beneficial.

Despite their vulnerabilities, APIs are an essential part of doing business in the digital age, making them an enticing target. Ultimately, your business can’t protect itself from every possible attack, so implementing a security strategy that covers both prevention and reaction is important. If an attacker slips through your application security, your API security has a good chance of catching the attack and stopping it before too much damage is done.

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