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Selena Green is an internet star More than 14 million viewers



Selena Green is an internet star More than 14 million viewers

Selena is an internet star More than 14 million viewers have watched her numerous videos. She is Selena Vargas and she has seen 33 sprigs in her life. This means that she’s 33 years old since her birth date was July 19, 1990.

It’s fascinating to take an in-depth look at her life, and particularly the mystery surrounding her disappearance. There are many comments on issues surrounding this but it’s not clear what the truth is. Let’s explore the story of Selena Green to get to learn more about her.

Biographical Information of Selena

Selena Green, an adult model, and model by profession were born in California, USA on 19 July 1990. The full title of her name is Selena Vargas. The beginning of their life of Selena isn’t well-known since no one knew her prior to her becoming the center of attention in the year 2015. After a while of releasing her adult-oriented videos, she vanished from the web. Therefore, her earlier life could not be doubted.

This is in reference to the fact that prior to entering the adult industry, Selena was working as a model. It’s not known what inspired her to enter the adult market. If we take into account the facts, research shows that a certain proportion of models choose to join the industry.

Selena Green is a professional

Based on the information Selena is a model, and used to model. She was doing it several times. After that, she entered the adult market in the year 2015.

Even though she didn’t produce numerous adult videos, she’s been seen in this field. In addition, her most famous adult video has more than 14 million views.

Where Selene Green vanished?

It is stated that success has many benefits however, sometimes it can have negative consequences as well. Similar to the situation that occurred when it came to Selena Green. The entire scenario occurred in the year 2015. The same year, both of these scenarios occurred, she gained recognition in the adult market and then disappeared from the same year.

Many people believe that both are inextricably linked. However, let’s discover the truth of this. Selena was with a guy in her early years And later the man was in training to become an Navy officer. The Navy Seal shared a picture of Selena as her girlfriend on 4Chan. In essence, 4Chan is a platform on which anyone can post photos and make their profile anonymous.

The same was true for that Navy Seal! The Navy Seal posted his photo along together with Selena Green on 4Chan and asked that people should share their opinions about the topic. According to the study the post was viewed by a large number of comments and it was a surprise too!

The unfortunate fate of Selena Green

Selene had dressed in a black shirt and an untidy set of rough blue jeans. The dress turned out to be a dress of regret! The reason for this is that Selena had worn the exact same outfit in her viral adult movie that a million viewers saw.

One million people one person made a comment on the exact photo that shows Selena Green wearing the same blue jeans and black shirt on her video of adulthood. Navy Seal would definitely have been able to see the comment. One comment could have has changed the existence of Selena.

This is the moment that she made Selena’s disappearance from social media. In the aftermath, Selena was cut off from social media. Selena didn’t upload any pictures or videos of her to her fans because she was getting more famous.

Prior to this, the girl was on Instagram as well as TikTok also, but following the incident, she was gone.

People’s Review on Selena’s Absentia

Since no one knows the truth there are many different opinions on this issue. The question is, where is Selene Green live? The answer, unfortunately, remains a mystery. Many people believe that the whole thing was planned, while others believe that Selena would hide the truth from her husband.

From these viewpoints, I am in agreement with the other group of people who believe that Selena was able to hide it from her lover. It is easy to believe that Selena was involved in an event that she was unsure about and was afraid to reveal to her boyfriend. Additionally, her boyfriend was trained in the Navy. It would be humiliating for him to look at her partner in this manner.

Has Selena Green changed her Identity?

This is an intriguing issue to talk about. When she disappeared at the end of 2015 there are two possibilities. It could be that she passed away or started using a different identity.

These two possible scenarios cannot be confirmed, but circumstances suggest these are the case.

Social accounts of Selena Green

Selena is often been seen on social media platforms such Instagram as well as TikTok also. Her Instagram account username is It is interesting to know that, following her disappearance in 2015 there were many fake accounts under her name.

However, Selena is not using her Instagram account since the incident. Additionally, she has a TikTok account’s user name is @selenagreenvargas. The account is linked to the Instagram account. In the same way, following her departure, she did not utilize this TikTok also.

Facts to Take a Look at The Life of Selena Green

  1. Selene Green’s real name can be Selene Green Vargas. She’s an American citizen. United States. She was in the USA just before her disappearance.
  2. Her eyes color are light brown.
  3. Her weight is 54.4 kilograms or 120 pounds. She is 5’6” tall..
  4. Selena’s boyfriend was a Navy Seal.
  5. Selena has not been seen since.
  6. Model as well as an adult actress, and was typically dressed in a black t-shirt as well as blue denim.
  7. The adult video of Selena has the 14-million mark.
  8. Her Instagram username is along with her TikTok username is @selenagreenvargas.
  9. Her Instagram bio says “Before you judge me, make sure you’re perfect”.
  10. She had 12 posts on her account on Instagram with 402 followers.

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Old Season Nike Tech Fleece: A Classic Blend of Style and Comfort



Old Season Nike Tech Fleece

Are you on the hunt for a classic piece of clothing that manages to be both fashionable and functional? Don’t bother looking any farther than last year’s Nike Tech Fleece lineup. Thanks to its cutting-edge aesthetics, high-quality construction, and instantly recognisable logo, Nike Tech Fleece has become a wardrobe must. This article will discuss the collection’s history, as well as its characteristics, advantages, and style possibilities.


1. Introduction

Nike’s Tech Fleece line of clothing and footwear aims to strike a balance between lightweight warmth and cutting-edge style. Because of its relaxed fit and modern aesthetic, it has quickly become a fan-favorite among fashionistas, athletes, and fans of streetwear.

2. Evolution of Nike Tech Fleece

In 2013, Nike launched Tech Fleece in response to the demand for a multipurpose fabric that could serve as both an insulator and a ventilation system. There have been several revisions since then, each one improving upon the last.

3. Premium Materials for Ultimate Comfort

The high quality of the fabrics used is what makes Nike Tech Fleece so incredibly cosy. The collection is made from a special combination of cotton and synthetic fibres that feels great next to the skin and wicks away sweat very well.

4. Innovative Design for Versatile Style

The cutting-edge construction is a standout feature of Nike Tech Fleece. The collection’s ergonomic seams and flexible cuts provide a comfortable, form-fitting silhouette and unrestricted mobility. In addition, it may be worn to a variety of events thanks to its contemporary cut and simple design.

5. Layering with Nike Tech Fleece

You can create fashionable and practical ensembles for every season by layering with Nike Tech Fleece. Combining a Tech Fleece hoodie with a bomber jacket and jeans is a great way to seem casually chic, while matching Tech Fleece joggers with a button-down shirt and shoes is a great way to look athletic and put-together.

6. Care and Maintenance

Following the manufacturer’s care recommendations is crucial to extending the life of your Nike Tech Fleece clothing. In most cases, you’ll be instructed to wash the goods in cold water on a gentle cycle without adding bleach or softeners. To prevent damage to the cloth, air drying is recommended.

7. Where to Buy Old Season Nike Tech Fleece

You can shop for Nike Tech Fleece apparel at a number of online retailers and at select Nike stores. Thrift stores and online consignment shops are great places to find one-of-a-kind items at bargain prices.

8. Styling Inspiration

Put together an uncomplicated cool ensemble by matching a black Nike Tech Fleece zip-up hoodie with slim-fit pants and white trainers.
Get the look of the athleisure trend by pairing a Tech Fleece crewneck sweatshirt with leggings and chunky trainers.
Edge streetwear: top a graphic shirt with a Tech Fleece bomber jacket, frayed jeans and high-top trainers.


9. Conclusion

In conclusion, those who want the best of both worlds—a stylish and comfortable garment—still turn to last year’s Nike Tech Fleece. Because of its high quality construction, unique look, and adaptability, it has been a fashionable standard for decades. The timeless style of Nike Tech Fleece is something you should embrace.

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The Future of Home Maintenance Services in Dubai: Innovations and Advancements in 2023



home maintenance service dubai

Home maintenance services are vital for keeping properties in good condition and ensuring a comfortable living environment for residents. However, these services can be expensive and challenging to manage, especially in a city like Dubai, where buildings are constantly being developed and updated. In this blog post, we will look at the current state of home maintenance services in Dubai, their challenges, and the innovations that could adopt to improve them. We will also discuss the technological advancements shaping home maintenance services in Dubai over the next few years. Finally, we will examine the future of home maintenance services in Dubai and what this might mean for property owners and residents.

The current state of home maintenance services in Dubai

The current state of home maintenance services in Dubai is excellent. Many companies offer these services, and the quality of the services is generally high. These companies use modern equipment and techniques to provide their services, resulting in high customer satisfaction. The cost of these services is also very reasonable, which makes them affordable for most people.

The challenges that home maintenance services face in Dubai

The high cost of living in Dubai is one of the main challenges that home maintenance services face. The cost of materials and equipment needed for home maintenance is also very high. Companies must find a way to provide these services at a reasonable price. The need for qualified and experienced home maintenance personnel is another challenge. More people need to be trained and experienced in home maintenance in Dubai. Companies need help finding qualified staff. The need for standardization in the home maintenance industry is another challenge. There are no set standards for how home maintenance should do. This makes it difficult for companies to know what they should do to provide the best possible service.

Home maintenance service innovations in other countries that could adopt in Dubai

Many home maintenance service innovations in other countries could adopt in Dubai. One such innovation is the app “Alibaba Home” in China. This app allows users to book home maintenance services online and pay for them using their mobile phones. The app also provides a platform for service providers to advertise their services and for customers to rate them. Another innovation is “Nagomi” in Japan. This service allows customers to request quotes from multiple service providers simultaneously. This makes it easier for customers to compare prices and find the best deal. Nagomi also has a function that allows customers to schedule recurring appointments, which is convenient for those who need regular home maintenance services.


In India, there is the “MyBai” app. This app allows customers to book home maintenance services and pay for them using their mobile phones. MyBai also offers a loyalty program that gives discounts to customers who use the app frequently.

Finally, in the United States, there is “” This website provides a platform for customers to find and book home maintenance services. Customers can read reviews of service providers before booking them, which helps them choose the best possible provider for their needs. also offers a variety of payment options, including monthly subscriptions and one-time payments, which makes it convenient for customers to pay for the services they need.

Advancements in technology that will shape home maintenance services in Dubai

Over the past few years, there have been many advancements in technology that have shaped home maintenance services in Dubai. One of the most significant advancements has been the popularity of home automation systems. Home automation systems provide homeowners with a convenient way to control various aspects of their homes, such as lighting, temperature, security, and entertainment systems. These systems can be controlled remotely via a smartphone or tablet, making it easy for homeowners to manage their homes even when they are away. Another advancement that has shaped home maintenance services in Dubai is the development of new cleaning products and methods. In recent years, many new cleaning products and methods have been developed that are more effective at cleaning than traditional methods. For example, ultrasonic cleaners use high-frequency sound waves to create cavitation bubbles that remove dirt and grime from surfaces. This cleaner is much more effective than traditional methods, such as scrubbing with a brush or using harsh chemicals.

Dubai’s Advancement in Home Maintenance Services: An Overview

Another advancement that has shaped home maintenance services in Dubai is using drones for home maintenance tasks. Drones are uncrewed aerial vehicles that can control remotely. They are increasingly used for various tasks, including home maintenance tasks such as inspecting roofs and gutters, checking for damage, and delivering small items. Drones offer a convenient and safe way to perform these tasks, and they can often do so faster and more efficiently than humans.

Finally, another advancement shaping home maintenance services in Dubai is the increasing availability of smart home devices. Smart home devices can control remotely via a smartphone or tablet. They offer a convenient way for homeowners to manage various aspects of their homes, such as lighting, temperature, security, and entertainment systems. In addition to being convenient, smart home devices can also save homeowners money on their energy bills by automatically managing energy usage based on user preferences.

The future of home maintenance services in Dubai

In the future, home maintenance services in Dubai will become more affordable, convenient, and accessible to schedule. A more comprehensive range of services will be offered, and there will be an increase in the number of companies offering home maintenance services. The first reason home maintenance services will become more affordable is the introduction of new technologies. One such technology is 3D printing. This technology can potentially revolutionize the construction industry by reducing the cost of labor and materials. Additionally, it will allow for the production of customized parts and products. As a result, home maintenance companies can reduce their costs and pass on the savings to their customers.

The second reason home maintenance services will become more affordable is the increasing availability of skilled labor. In the past, one of the main challenges that home maintenance companies faced was the need for more qualified personnel. However, this is no longer a problem, as many training programs now provide individuals with the necessary skills to work in this field. As a result, companies will no longer have to outsource their labor needs, saving them money.

The third reason why home maintenance services will become more affordable is because of economies of scale. As the number of companies offering these services increases, they will be able to benefit from economies of scale. This means they can produce their goods and services at a lower cost per unit. Consequently, prices for home maintenance services will decrease.

Smart Home Maintenance Services: The Future is Now in Dubai

In addition to becoming more affordable, home maintenance services will also become more convenient in the future. One way this will happen is through using new technologies such as drones and robots. These technologies will allow for tasks such as window cleaning and gutter cleaning to be carried out without human intervention. This will make it easier for people to complete these tasks as they won’t have to take time out of their busy schedules to do them themselves.

Another way home maintenance services will become more convenient is by using new scheduling technologies. In the past, people had to call or visit different companies to find out their availability and book appointments. However, new online scheduling platforms such as Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar have made it possible for people to view all available appointment times at once and book appointments with just a few clicks. This convenience will make people more likely to use home maintenance services regularly.


Finally, home maintenance companies will offer a more comprehensive range of services in the future. In particular, there will be an increase in demand for eco-friendly products and services as people become more aware of environmental issues. There will also be a growing demand for energy-efficient products and appliances as people look for ways to save money on their utility bills. Home Maintenance companies that are able

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Essentials Hoodie Store



Essentials Hoodie Black

Have you been searching for the perfect hoodie to complete your wardrobe? Look no further than the Essentials Hoodie Black – an ultra-comfortable, stylish staple item. Whether it’s a cool summer evening or cozy winter day, this softly lined pullover will have you feeling fashionable and warm all season long. With a sleek low profile fit designed with classic styling details & innovative fabric blends, feel ready no matter what life throws at you!

Essentials Hoodie

Do you wish for a hoodie that envelops your emotions in comfort and bliss? That’s exactly what our Essentials Hoodie does! Its unique softness will bring relief from everyday stress with its constancy, allowing you to relax. This useful and stylish hoodie is sure to become one of the mainstays of your wardrobe: it’s highly versatile, making it appropriate for any activity or outing. Whether you are going out for an adventure or lounging at home, the Essentials Hoodie has got your back! Best of all, its quality material promises durability so this piece won’t wear out too quickly.

Essentials Hoodie Pacsun

Are you ready to upgrade your wardrobe? The Essentials Hoodie Pacsun is the perfect addition to any outfit – no matter if you’re looking for a casual weekend look or something more formal. This design features lightweight polyester fabric, cut in a classic pullover style with raglan sleeve construction and ribbed knit trim detail at cuffs and hemline. With its contemporary fit, roomy hood, and modern drawstrings, this hoodie has all the elements needed to stay cool while continuing to be stylish at the same time. Whether you want an understated touch of coziness or full-on insulation against chill temperatures, this piece can keep your ensemble on point season after season!

Essentials Hoodie Men

Ah, the hoodie. A timeless garment that has been a favorite of all genders since its inception and managed to stay relevant ever since. For men, it offers comfort and style both at the same time, making it an essential piece of clothing for any wardrobe. In this blog post we’ll explore why a Essentials Hoodie is the perfect option for guys looking to spruce up their look while staying comfortable. We’ll discuss features such as fabric composition, design elements, color options and styling tips so you can find the perfect fit no matter what your personal aesthetic may be! So whether you’re strolling around your neighborhood or running errands on a weekend afternoon – let’s dive in and find out just how much an Essential Hoodie has to offer in terms of style!

Essentials Hoodie Fear Of God

Few clothing brands have managed to stir as much hype, reverence and mass following through the course of their history quite like Fear Of God. From its conceptual designs and luxury fabrics all the way to its signature twist on 70’s streetwear genre, each piece from this iconic Californian label most certainly stands by itself when it comes to style—the Essentials Hoodie being no exception. As a midweight hoodie made with incredibly soft fleece fabric featuring drop shoulder-style construction and oversized drawcords, any wardrobe would be right at home with one of these stylish staples in rotation. So let’s dive deep into why this signature garment continues to take center stage for almost any occasion!

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