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Science explains why you should continue to wear a mask even after you have been vaccinated



Vaccines are the hope to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, but science makes it clear that you will have to continue wearing a mask for a long time, and we tell you how long.

Vaccines are humanity’s hope to eradicate the spread of COVID-19 throughout the world, and although there are already vaccines in circulation, at the moment a very low percentage of the population has been vaccinated, with which we still have several months until practically the whole world is immunized.

But certain people have already received the vaccine and doubt knowing if they have to continue wearing a mask and sanitise hands in public. The answer is clear and concise: yes, you will still have to wear a mask and use hand sanitisers. The answer is clear and concise: yes, you will still have to wear a mask. Of course, the different governments will relax the measures over time and according to the behavior of the virus and its mutations.

The point is that vaccinated people can still transmit the virus, and until 100% of the population, or at least a very high percentage, is not already vaccinated, the need and obligation of masks will be a fact anywhere in the world.

To understand the situation, something that TheGuardian explains even with animated graphics, once a person is injected with the vaccine, they begin to develop antibodies that will systematically fight against the virus. These antibodies will circulate to other parts of the body and protect us from the disease.

It should be noted that the coronavirus normally enters the body through our nasal cavities, and although we continue to have antibodies in the nose, it is likely that their number is lower and the virus may remain in our nasal cavities for a time until it is eliminated. That is why, even if you are vaccinated and are immune to the virus, it is likely that you have traces of the coronavirus in your nostrils, and therefore could potentially infect other people who have not been vaccinated .

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that due to the urgency of the pandemic there are still many studies in progress and it is unknown for how long current vaccines can protect us against the virus since it does not mean that once we are vaccinated, we can never become infected again.

The scientific community is also looking closely at the evolutionary changes in the virus with all these variants, which could make vaccines less effective, and which could force certain people who have been vaccinated previously, to have to be vaccinated again a few months later.

There will be short-term exceptions, such as you can meet non-partners in your home without wearing a mask if they are all vaccinated, but when it comes to public spaces, it will continue to be mandatory, at least throughout 2021.

So until the scientific community does not have many more solid studies, presumably at the end of the year, we will not know how long we must wear a mask on a mandatory basis despite being already vaccinated.

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The Best Camping Lights Of 2022



The Best Camping Lights Of 2022

The difficulty in finding the precise setting you want is another drawback; to cycle through the settings, you must simultaneously push buttons and shake the Alonery camping light. The BioLite, however, offers an impossible-to-beat combination of brightness, innovation possibilities, and overall great quality, earning it our top pick for 2022. The learning curve isn’t too steep either. Modern camping lanterns are a fun group, and many of the examples above include interesting tech elements that will make you more comfortable while you’re not connected to the grid. Built-in solar panels and USB charging connectors are two of the most favored.The former is a great option for extra power in the wilderness; just leave your camping light out in the open during the day to gain more electricity. Although USB ports make it simple to recharge your phone or other electronic devices while out in the field, they actually only offer a marginal benefit.

Finding a hiking camping light that weighs less than half a pound won’t be difficult because so many of them are also lightweight. Our lead tester was living off the grid and relying on a lantern every single night as we put this list together. These camping lanterns underwent months of testing, logging thousands of light hours, to find the most efficient of the best. The lanterns that are highlighted here are the best choices that can withstand frequent usage and abuse, including the difficulties of packing and unpacking as well as the dangers of rolling around in the trunk of a car.

Alonery USB rechargeable portable LED camping light with 9000mAh power bank

USB Rechargeable Camping Light

We offer afterpay, reward cards, weekly offers, Anaconda Club discounts, reward specials, and our renowned lowest available price guarantee on all stocked items. The bottom line is that you should check the IP rating of your camping light before purchasing if you intend to spend time outside. Additional security and confidence are certainly not a bad thing, but if you only plan to camp in fair weather conditions, it is probably not even close to a decisive factor. With 22AWG double-insulated, oxygen-free cable, Hardkorr camp light bars minimize voltage drop and guarantee maximum brightness even when using long extension leads. We focused particularly on light output, battery life, and usability during testing.

Ten distinct light pods are dispersed over 18 feet of braided nylon twine, allowing you to light up a sizable area. We advise charging it up before going camping and using solar power to keep it charged the entire time. They’re perfect for more seasoned campers and backpackers because camping lights provide brighter, more natural light, and longer burn times.

Goal Zero’s Lighthouse 600 is one of the most well-liked designs on the market for a contemporary take on the traditional camp lantern, and with good reason. The maximum output of 600 lumens is very bright and offers good, even lighting throughout; alternatively, you may adjust the dial to use only half of the camping light and significantly reduce power use. Additionally, the foldable legs and built-in handle make organizing and storing a breeze. Additionally, the door has a built-in charging port for a phone or other electronic device. When looking for a camping lantern, the first thing to consider is how much brightness you’ll need.

Portable LED Camping Light For Night Outdoor

The camping lights mentioned above have maximum lumen outputs that range from 60 to an astounding 1,250. Most also offer a variety of modes and dimming options so you can select the level of brightness you want for any given circumstance. For instance, LE’s LED offers 4 intensities as well as a lowering option to keep the battery running longer. The Apollo’s most obvious flaw—and the reason it is rated here—is its $70 admission fee. Goal Zero’s Lighthouse above gives over twice as much power at 600 lumens for the same price and includes a hand crank for manually recharging the cmaping lantern in the field.

The Volt from Black Diamond, which is a step up from their Zip above in terms of brightness and features, is the third Black Diamond mannequin to make our list. The Volt has a far brighter maximum output than the 150-lumen Zip—250 lumens—and is equipped with a connector for electrical power. Additionally, the camping light can be recharged through USB, eliminating the need to pack extra batteries and reducing waste. The Volt’s maximum battery life is 24 hours, compared to the Zip’s maximum battery life of 12. Although it costs $20 more and is slightly heavier by about 5 ounces, many people will think the improvements in overall performance make up for those small drawbacks.

The Alonery Portable Camping Light is equipped with a 90-degree rotatable metal stand for handheld and hanging.

Led Tent Lantern Lamp

We dropped it numerous times without any damage or loss of effectiveness. With a USB port and the capacity to charge a phone up to four times, it also functions as a charging station. Additionally, you have the choice of strobe or colored lighting. Navigating through its dimming and other settings initially requires a few tries, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not too difficult. Shop a wide selection of lamps and camping lights that are ideal for outdoor pursuits like camping and hiking.

Led Camping Light Bar With 1200mah Power Bank Magnetic Emergency Light

This little camping light is powerful but surprisingly easy on the pockets. There’s no reason not to bring it along just in case since it just weighs three ounces and is three inches in diameter. You can quickly switch out the dimmer switch, and it runs on three AAA batteries. Additionally, due to its compact size, you can easily grab it when you need a flashlight. Leading manufacturer and supplier of high-end 4×4 and camping gear in South Africa is 4×4 Mega World. We have 12 branches, 13 franchises, and a sizable number of distributors, giving us a sizable national footprint.

Each end of the bar of Hardkorr LED camp lights has a high-quality grommet. This is done to address the top of the wire fraying and separating from the bar as a critical possible level of failure. The most obvious way that low-cost businesses cut corners in comparison to higher-quality manufacturers is by reducing the variety of LEDs per length. For instance, a Hardkorr 48cm LED Light Bar has 30 LEDs, compared to as few as 21 LEDs in some inexpensive camping lights of the same size.

How Long Do Camping Light Mantles Last?

We’ve been using it and abusing it for about two years, and we’re happy to say that the device has held up. It’s a practical light that serves as both a phone charger and a camping light. HIGHLY DURABLE – The most modern Cree LED can produce a lot of light.

Browse Anaconda’s whole camp lighting selection to find the illumination solutions for your upcoming 4WD, camping, climbing, or other outdoor excursions. Camping tents are designed for a comparatively pleasant experience in the great outdoors since they are roomy, convenient, and feature-rich. For card video games on a rainy day, several of those behemoths have enough space to put up cots or even chairs and a table. Many less expensive manufacturers will either use no grommet at all or one of poorer quality. Any camping light bars without grommets should be avoided since, in our experience, they will quickly fail under regular usage.

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How are ecological, biological, organic and sustainable foods different?



Do you know what are the nuances that differentiate ecological, biological, organic, and sustainable products? Although more and more people are betting on these types of food, most people use these adjectives as synonyms. We explain their differences to you.

Healthy food is in vogue for many years, but still, many people confuse the terms. In fact, and as a study commissioned by Unilever pointed out a few months ago, 64% of Spaniards believe that ecological, biological, and sustainable are very similar concepts when we talk about food, while two out of ten consider that their meaning is identical.

The study also pointed out that almost half of the population (41%) perceive organic food as more natural, while a third of those surveyed rate it as tastier and healthier, although 27% believe that its price is too high. An identical percentage believe that it is worth opening the portfolio more to acquire them. 58% of consumers associate eggs with organic sales, second only to fruits and vegetables.

Although the European Community legislation considers synonyms the adjectives ecological -commonly called “eco” -, biological – “bio” -, organic and sustainable, designating those products that have not been designed or treated under chemicals or pesticides, which have not received genetic manipulation and that respect natural cycles, benefiting the environment and local livestock and agricultural communities, the truth is that there are some small differences and nuances between these concepts.

Definition and differences between eco, bio, organic and sustainable products

It is important to note that the use of one of these terms is usually done to highlight a specific aspect of the product. The European regulation requires that products of this type can not exceed 5% of ingredients from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), justifying the percentage as the tolerable range that can control the products  Consider the differences between these concepts related to responsible purchasing and the defense of the environment:

  • Organic food: It covers those products that develop all their stages of growth and production respecting the cycles of nature and without artificial intervention. Therefore, they are those that are grown and processed without fertilizers, pesticides, or genetic preservatives, nor irradiation, nor genetic engineering. Natural fertilizers are used for its cultivation, natural conditions such as soil or climate are used, and in the case of livestock, breeding is respected in optimal conditions -sufficient space or grass in the open air-, without intervention such as hormones or antibiotics. Organic foods contain fewer pollutants and nutrients with pro-oxidant and pro-inflammatory actions and a higher quantity of nutrients with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions.
  • Organic food: This term – so common in the food market, in which products with a bio prefix have been abundant for many years – names those foods that do not contain any component that has been genetically altered or received laboratory interventions to achieve the final result.  In this way, these producers carry out a natural process of species selection, close their reproductive cycle and improve their genetic heritage and support the preservation of high levels of biodiversity.
  • Organic Food: The “organic” label emphasizes that no chemical intervention has been made to develop the food and therefore no fertilizers or pesticides have been used in its production. It should be emphasized that not all organic foods are biological since they may not contain chemical substances but may have been genetically manipulated.
  • Sustainable food: The term is broader and is linked both to the environment and to the local economy and commerce. The sustainable economy is a form of production that enhances the local economy in the medium and long term and respects the planet and the environment, based on ecologically and ethically responsible cultivation. While, for example, organic farming is synonymous with sustainable agriculture, organic products – without pesticides or chemicals – can be produced on factory farms that are not sustainable.
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Why do they say you have to brush your teeth before drinking coffee and never after



It has always been heard that coffee causes the teeth to be more yellow, but why do they say that it is good to brush your teeth before drinking it and not after?

When it comes to proper oral hygiene, you have surely heard comments on many occasions about how coffee makes your teeth more yellow and how good it is to wash them afterward. However, some specialists recommend that the opposite order be followed: brush your teeth before drinking coffee.

This is one of those situations that can provoke questions, like when you read that it is not advisable to drink coffee on an empty stomach. Have you been given the wrong instructions? But there are really dentists who bet on that order, brush their teeth and then drink coffee, like the American Christina Meiners.

In the HuffPost, they have asked this dentist about the situation and her explanation is that if the accumulation of bacterial plaque is eliminated before drinking coffee, it is more difficult for it to leave stains on the teeth.

Removing any residue or stain causes the coffee to not be able to grip anything on the teeth. Although it is recommended that afterward something is done to protect the teeth.

After drinking coffee, rinse your mouth with some water. This will prevent the enamel from weakening and the teeth from suffering any kind of problem. Without a doubt, a practice that can give food for thought and that you have probably never been told about.

According to this dentist, it can be chemically abrasive to rub teeth with toothpaste while maintaining the acidic environment left by coffee. An opinion that can undoubtedly cause many people to value how to maintain good health in the mouth.

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