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Know about the world-famous Jamini Roy and his famous paintings



Only a few world-famous artists live long in their paintings and other artworks, even after they leave their bodies. One such famous painter is Jamini Roy, considered the early modernism master in Indian art. The Indian government, through its Culture Ministry and Archaeological Survey of India, declared his artworks, including the ‘Nine Masters,’ to be art treasures with aesthetic and artistic value in 1976. After his death in 1972, many of his famous artworks were both modern and Indian quintessentially. Jamini Roy paintings are so famous that Google dedicates its Google Doodle to celebrating Roy on his 130th birthday on April 11, 2017.

Let us discuss Jamini Roy and many famous paintings that make artists and art lovers worldwide remember him even after half a century after his death. 

Why is Jamini Roy a world-famous artist?

Jamini Roy, the world-famous Indian artist of the 20th century, started with humble beginnings in West Bengal, famous for art in India and worldwide. Born in Bankura in 1887, he got a diploma in fine arts in 1908 from the Government College of Art, Kolkata.  Roy became one of the famous students of literature noble prize winner Rabindranath Tagore to get inspiration from the scholar to reflect in many of his famous paintings. He started his painting career as a portrait painter but left it during the 1920s. From western academic painting, he shifted to the Bengali folk traditions and was much influenced by Kalighat Pat or painting. During the 1921 to 1924 period, his first experimentation with Santhal dance was with bold sweeping brush strokes. 

After the change to traditional tribal influence in his drawings from western styles, nothing stopped Jamini Roy. Many consider him an art machine to draw up to 10 paintings to cross over 20,000 in his remaining lifetime. Though thronged by the rich, he always liked to be called Patua and targeted the middle class, to reflect in most of his drawings. It is because he considered ordinary people to be more important than the government as they were the voice of art. But the Indian government gave him the second most prestigious award of Padma Bhushan in 1954. It is after fulfilling his threefold quest in his paintings that include. 

  1. To capture the simplicity essence embodied in the folk peoples’ lives.
  2. To make it reach a broader section of people worldwide.
  3. To give Indian art its true identity

Jamini Roy’s many art exhibitions

Jamini Roy’s paintings were first exhibited in 1938 at the British India Street of Calcutta, now Kolkata. During the 1940s, Roy touched new heights in his artistry exhibited in London and New York, with the European people and Bengali middle-class community being his most significant clientele. After exhibiting his famous artworks at international events, many private and public collections have his famous paintings as one of India’s world-famous painters. 

What are the famous Jamini Roy paintings?

Jamini Roy received many awards for his famous early paintings like Manasa or The Snake Goddess, Boating, Two Cats Holding A Large Prawn, and others. It included the Viceroy’s gold medal in 1934. And many of his other famous paintings were conferred with the highest honor by India’s National Academy of India, the Lalit Kala Akademi. A few of Jamini Roy’s paintings include.

  • Mother and Child painting in oil on canvas kept in the National Gallery of Modern Art collections.
  • Ramayana spread across 17 canvases, which many consider his magnum opus patronized by Sarada Charan Das.
  • “Bride and Companions” portrays a traditional woman with no artificial beauty in a mythological backdrop.
  • “Dual Cats with one Crayfish” in a new style in 1968 with restrained colors

Gallerie Nvya has untitled Jamini Roy paintings in its exquisite gallery in New Delhi to treasure his art, like the Indian government safeguarding his treasures through the Archaeological Survey of India.

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12 top reasons to buy Manu Parekh paintings



8 Best Sites Like Myp2p for Live Sport Streaming 2022

Art lovers know the value of original paintings, but many others why to invest money in them. Also, with print and posters available at affordable costs, they do not know why to buy paintings of famous artists like Manu Parekh. Loving art is a gift that passionate individuals share as a standard quality worldwide. It is one of their interests in life to become more positive and complete human beings. Manu Parekh painting have aesthetically pleased looks to start conversations and inspire creativity. Also, arts are ultimate personal healers during challenging and stressful times. 

This article will discuss the many reasons to buy the best paintings of famous artists like Manu Parekh Roy and others to transform the home or office into a gallery with positive vibes and an artistic atmosphere.

Twelve reasons to buy paintings from famous artists like Manu Parekh 

Manu Parekh is one of India’s world-famous contemporary artists, born in 1939 in Gujarat. With a diploma in painting and drawing from the famous J.J School of Arts in Mumbai, Manu, influenced by F.N.Souza and Tagore, explored his inner landscapes in his artworks. The famous Manu Parekh painting include the colorful “city of light,” a series of Banaras that never failed to inspire him. He is famous for his intuitive use of bright colors, prominent lines, and bold brushstrokes to experiment with sexual imagery, figuration, and abstractions. Also, his painating was of nature, social issues, and daily life to get the prestigious Padmashri award by the Indian government in 1992. Many of his famous paintings were in demand in many art galleries in India and abroad, and the many reasons for buying such famous paintings include. 

  1. Curating an art gallery at home is a pride to establish the artistry taste and hone the skills to select famous artworks with class and value. 
  2. Complete filling the love of art and emotional response to it for having a solid connection to have a visual expression of the life meanings 
  3. To get the best ROI or return of investment as art is one of the oldest forms of investments for the rapid rise in value over the years that could yield even unimaginable profits.
  4. Supporting budding artists to increase their motivation to create masterpieces and become famous for showing their skills worldwide
  5. To get inspiration for igniting imagination and evoke feelings of strength to overcome challenging situations. 
  6. Helps to open up the minds and break the creative roadblocks for artists and creators to complete their mission of passion in their specialized fields
  7. It is one of the best gifts to friends and relatives on their most important days like birthdays, anniversaries, or after successful completion of any business milestone to cherish for a lifetime
  8. Enriches the life engagements with artistic beauty uplifting the aesthetic appearance for enriching the environment to have a conducive atmosphere for solving issues easy and fast
  9. Famous paintings have a tangible quality to touch and feel the canvas with pride and achievement in life to buy artwork of passion and love.
  10. Transform even rented places for home or office to have a feel of ownership hanging famous paintings to impress visitors
  11. Converts house to home as art lovers treat paintings as friends to occupy space and as an indicator of reaching new levels in life.
  12. Enables to pass on the heritage to the next generations to show the attitude of life to continue it with passion

Gallerie Nvya is another reason to buy famous Manu Parekh painting and others for anyone to make their house home with artistic value to increase manifold in the future. 

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Pursue Japanese Language Courses from Top Institutes



japanese language courses

Japan is a leading country in diverse sectors. Especially, automobiles, animation, computers, optical media, consumer electronics, infrastructure, semiconductor manufacturing, shipbuilding, and more industries are flourishing and growing. All these sectors invite students to pursue a successful career. It can be a great chance for students to learn and innovate.

To pursue a successful career, students can attend japanese language courses. Learning the language makes it easy for them to communicate with foreign professionals. With good command of the Japanese language, students can get excellent job options.

The students who wish to pursue a successful career in the industry can seek admission to the japanese language course delhiLearning the Japanese language can help students to gain broader perspectives.

Learn Politeness of Language 

While pursuing a language course, students are introduced to the grammatical expressions used for describing politeness and formality. Using the best words, students can easily interact with foreign customers.

Access to Advanced Technology

While working in the technology field, especially robotics, students can learn Japanese. It can be advantageous for them as they can understand Japanese cutting-edge technology in a better manner. The course enables students to understand and speak the Japanese language. When students are able to communicate in the Japanese language, they can play an important role in the manufacturing industry.

Pursue Career with Leading Organizations

After completing the academic qualification and pursuing japanese language courses, students can easily communicate with potential customers. An understanding of the Japanese language can open many doors to pursuing a successful career.

The students can find new openings in top MNCs after completing the language course. During the course, students also understand Japanese business etiquette and work ethic to perform their best and make an outstanding deal. When students learn Japanese, they can pursue a successful career in reputed automotive and electronic industries. After learning the Japanese language, they can get good jobs in the field.

The Japanese language is the one of topmost languages preferred among students. They can search online and seek admission to reputed institutes providing japanese language courses. It is a short-term course that provides students with the best job options. While working with the leading firms, students can get good salary packages too.

Among all investors, the Japanese are the most influential investors in India. Especially, as they are leading in different industries such as electronics, automobiles, semiconductors, shipbuilding, and optical media, there are more job options for students with good knowledge of the Japanese language.

Job Options for Students with a Good Understanding of Japanese 

After completing a Japanese language course, students can make the best decision and choose the best option from the top career options. The students can work as translators, interpreters, Japanese teachers, and trainers. Moreover, they can get reputed jobs in Japanese embassies.

Sum Up

When planning to learn Japanesestudents can search for the best institutes providing online courses. After selecting the best institute, they can seek admission to the short-term course and pursue a bright career. The students become eligible to work with the top IT and automobile giants.

The japanese language course delhi makes students eligible to understand and speak the language. They provide the proficiency to students that give them the confidence to interact with foreign professionals. Due to this, there are high chances of clearing the interviews. In this manner, students can comfortably work with Japanese companies. If you are also looking for an institute to enhance your knowledge and get better jobs, especially in the technology field, you can pursue a language course from a renowned institute.

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[2021 latest version] 15 recommended lightweight and thin mobile batteries!



There are many types of mobile batteries, such as lightweight ones, thin ones, and large-capacity ones, and you may be wondering which one to use. Here are 15 recommended lightweight mobile batteries that will not be a burden to carry around in the ranking. Please find your favorite dish.

How to choose a lightweight mobile battery

In recent years, we have entered an era where you can do various things necessary for your life with your smartphone. The more you can do with your smartphone, the more it consumes your smartphone’s battery, and some people may run out of battery while on the go. In such cases, it is useful to have a thin and lightweight mobile battery that can be carried with your smartphone. Buy something that suits your lifestyle and how you use your smartphone.

How to choose ① Choose by design

Mobile batteries are often used when going out, and it is convenient to have a design that can be used smartly while carrying it outside. Currently, there are also thin mobile batteries, just like smartphones. If you want to use your smartphone while charging, we recommend a thin mobile battery that is not bulky to carry with your smartphone. Also, because it does not take up space, it is not bulky in the bag even if you carry it around.

How to choose ② Choose by weight

A lightweight battery is recommended for those who want to avoid heavy luggage when going out. In recent years, lightweight mobile batteries weighing around 200g have become the mainstream. 200g is the weight of about two oranges, so you can carry it without much burden. If you carry your battery every day, choose the lightest battery possible.

How to choose ③ Choose by capacity

A mobile battery of less than 10000mAh will suffice if you want to keep it in case it runs out of charge. If you use your smartphone outside for a long time, a large capacity of 10000mAh or more is perfect. With 10000mAh, you have the power to fully charge your smartphone once or twice. Larger capacities tend to be larger and heavier, but in recent years many thinner ones have been released.

5 lightweight mobile batteries [5th to 1st in the thin ranking]

A thin card type battery can be used by stacking it with a smartphone, so you can charge and operate the smartphone at the same time while carrying it with one hand. In addition, the thin type saves space and can be easily carried in a chest pocket or a small space in your luggage. It is also recommended for people who have a lot of luggage or who want to use the battery by stacking it with a smartphone.

5th place [Philips] DLP7719N

DLP7719N is a mobile battery of Philips, a multi-purpose electric appliance brand. You can quickly charge your smartphone by 90% in one hour, and it has a large capacity of 10000mAh. You can rest assured that you are using a material that does not burn easily. The size fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, making it easy to use with your smartphone.

4th place [Aukey] PB-N73S

AUKEY’s PB-N73S has three USB ports and can support various types of devices. Up to 3 devices can be charged at the same time, making it suitable for people who carry multiple smartphones and devices. It has a simple matte design with rounded corners, and it is a nice point that it is easy to carry and is not easily scratched. It is also attractive that both the battery body and smartphone can be charged quickly.

3rd place [Anker] PowerCore Slim 10000 PD 20W

The PowerCore Slim 10000 PD 20W is available from Anker, the global brand of charging equipment. The output has been improved compared to the old model. It features quick charging and is three times faster than the 5W model. Despite being thin, the iPhone 12 has a large capacity of 10000mAh that can be charged twice. The matte mesh design makes it hard to slip in your hands.

2nd place [Elecom] DE-M09-5000

ELECOM’s DE-M09-5000 is a mobile battery designed for carrying with a smartphone. It is a brand made in Japan and has passed the test of the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law, so you can use it with confidence. This mobile battery has two USB ports, so you can charge it at once even if you have two smartphones. It comes in two colors, black and white, but there is also a type with a pretty face on white.

1st place [maxell] MPC-RTC3000P

Maxell’s MPC-RTC3000P is an ultra-lightweight and ultra-thin type mobile battery. Made in Japan, it is a 4-color development that is conscious of using it together with a smartphone. The cable is integrated so you don’t have to carry it around. Cables have different shapes depending on the smartphone, so make sure that the cable matches the smartphone you are using before purchasing.

5 lightweight mobile batteries [5th to 1st in the ranking of 200g or less]

If you carry a mobile battery every day, you want to choose the one that is as light as possible. If your smartphone has enough capacity to fully charge in an emergency, you can easily get a mobile battery weighing 200g or less. Generally, the larger the capacity, the heavier the battery tends to be, so choose a mobile battery by imagining how often you charge it outside.

5th place [Elecom] DE-C18L-10000

DE-C18L-10000 sold by Japanese brand ELECOM is a type of mobile battery that can charge two units together. The battery itself can be charged quickly in two and a half hours. You can select the low current mode, and you can rest assured when charging peripheral devices such as earphones. The surface is processed with irregularities like a mesh to prevent scratches. Although it has a large capacity, it is a nice point that it has a lightweight design.

4th place [RAVPower] RP-PB186

RAVPower’s RP-PB186 is a mobile battery that is compact and lightweight even with a large capacity. With a maximum output of 29W, ultra-fast charging is possible, and two units can be charged at the same time. You can charge your smartphone twice and your iPad up to 80%. RAVPower is an up-and-coming brand that originated in the United States and specializes in charging equipment. Support is also substantial and you can use it with confidence. It is also a point that the surface material that is hard to get dirty and scratched is used.

3rd place [cheero] DANBOARD 10050mAh PD18W

The DANBOARD 10050mAh PD18W from the Japanese brand cheero is a popular DANBOARD design mobile battery. It is a type that supports ultra-rapid charging, and the battery itself can be fully charged in 2 hours, and the smartphone can be charged 70% in 45 minutes. Not only the cute design unique to Japan, but also the functions are substantial, and it is a recommended item for those who want to stick to the design and functions. You can choose from 5 colorful colors.

2nd place [Aukey] PB-N83

AUKEY’s PB-N83 is designed so that you can charge your smartphone while charging the battery by connecting it to a power source. In addition, you can quickly charge your smartphone with a maximum output of 20W and high output. It has a large capacity that allows you to fully charge your smartphone twice, and because it is card-sized and fits comfortably in your hand, it is a mobile battery that is recommended for people who do not carry a lot of luggage.

1st place [Anker] PowerCore III Slim 5000 with Built-in USB-C Cable

Anker’s PowerCore III Slim 5000 features a stylish design that won the Good Design Award. It is the thinnest and lightest in the PowerCore III series. I’m glad that the stress of charging the battery is not so much because the battery itself can be charged quickly. The matte jet black design is studded with starry sky-like dots, making it a great item to carry.

5 lightweight mobile batteries [Large capacity ranking 5th to 1st]

You may have experienced that your smartphone was depleted in a blink of an eye after using your smartphone for video conferences or using the app for a long time. It’s safe to have a mobile battery that can be charged twice while carrying it around for a day, because it’s an era where you can do anything with a single smartphone. Most mobile batteries with a capacity of 10000mAh or higher can be recharged more than once.

5th place [maxell] MPC-CPD15000P

The Japanese brand Maxell’s MPC-CPD15000P is a lightweight mobile battery with a large capacity. It has the power to quickly charge up to 50% of smartphones in about 30 minutes. You can charge your smartphone 5 times, so you can use it with confidence even on business trips and trips where you don’t have much time to charge it.

4th place [Buffalo] BMPB10000WPBK

Buffalo’s BMPB10000WPBK, a Japanese brand famous for routers, is designed for outdoor use. The design is a bit hard to use in the city, but it’s a great choice for those who camp or work outdoors. It is dustproof and waterproof, and has a built-in light so that it can be used even in the dark. It is a large-capacity mobile battery that can charge your smartphone 3 times or more.

3rd place [cheero] Bloom 10000mAh

cheero’s Bloom 10000mAh is a large capacity mobile battery that can charge up to 3 units together. It is a product that can be used with peace of mind with the solid technology and inspection of Japanese manufacturers. It is also attractive that the price is low even with a large capacity. There are two input ports, both of which can charge the main unit. You can choose from four colors, so it’s a good idea to coordinate the colors with your smartphone or other belongings.

2nd place [Anker] PowerCore III 10000 Wireless

Anker’s PowerCore III 10000 Wireless is a mobile battery that can wirelessly charge peripheral devices such as smartphones and earphones that support wireless charging. You can charge the battery just by stacking it, and you don’t have to carry the charging cable. You don’t have to connect a lot of extra cords, so you can use it smartly. Due to its large capacity, it can be charged twice on both iPhone and Android.

1st place [Aukey] PB-XN10

AUKEY’s PB-XN10 is equipped with technology that freely changes the output according to the device connected to the battery, which is convenient for charging multiple devices with this one. Various smartphones can be charged more than once. With a large capacity of 10000mAh, you can use your smartphone outside the day without worrying about the remaining charge. Available in two colors: smart black and red, which is rare for electronic devices.

Comfortable with a lightweight mobile battery!

For many people, smartphones have become a great tool in everyday life. It’s inconvenient if you can’t use your smartphone because it’s out of charge. It may be a good idea to have a mobile battery in case of a power outage in the event of a disaster or in the event of “I can’t find a place to charge when I’m out”. Find the perfect item for your lifestyle and spend a comfortable digital life.

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