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Features Of A Founder Investor Networking Platform



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If you’re a founder, it can be difficult to get access to the right investor. You might not know which investors are interested in your company, or how to approach them once you do.800m chinese groupmathewsreuters It’s also possible that there simply aren’t enough investment opportunities in your area for you to connect with the right people.  That’s where Raise Money comes in: we make connecting with investors easy! Investors

Raise Money Is A Founder Investor Networking Platform That Connects Founders With Senior Investors.
Raise Money is a Founder Investor Networking platform that connects founders with senior investors.

You can post your startup idea and receive feedback from investors and other entrepreneurs.
Investors can find you, the best startups, and the most promising projects on Raise Money.
It’s a place where you can learn about what makes an investor tick, their preferences for how they make investments, what their investment criteria are (e.g., stage of company), how much money they typically invest in a startup at any given time etc…
How Raise Money Makes It Easy To Connect With Other Investors.
Raise Money has a built-in matchmaking tool that connects founders with investors based on their interests.

The platform also uses a messaging tool to allow investors to communicate with founders, so they can easily discuss how they can work together. In addition, there’s also a deal database where investors can list their deals and connect with new opportunities that are relevant to them.

How Raise Money Helps Founders Learn What They Need To Know About Investors.
We’re here for you.

We help founders gain access to the right investors for their business. Investors are also able to connect with startups that meet their criteria, as well as find other like-minded investors who can be helpful partners in their portfolio.

You can list your preferred investment criteria and get matched with start-ups that match your interests. It’s easy to sort through lists of investors based on their preferences, or vice versa if you’re an investor looking for a certain type of startup. This way, everyone saves time and gets involved right away!

The Types Of Investors You Can Find On Raise Money.
Raise Money is the place where you can find investors who are looking for companies that are just like yours. These investors include:

Venture capital firms, which invest in later-stage companies with a business model, revenue and team that have passed the idea stage. They typically invest $1 million or more of equity into companies whose valuation is between $5 million and $15 million.
Angel investors, who provide seed funding to startups that are often at an earlier stage than VCs but still require significant amounts of money to get off the ground. The average angel round is around $250K-$2M, although some angels will make larger investments if they see great potential in your company or product.
Family offices (FOs), which are similar to VC firms except that FOs represent wealthy individuals or families rather than institutional investors like banks or pension funds. Many family offices have high values on their balance sheet because they use them as investment vehicles for both themselves and their children’s inheritance; these investments may generate income as well without being taxed at higher rates than other income sources would be taxed at because they’re considered “passive.” Family offices also tend toward smaller deals than VCs do—the average FO will usually invest between $200k-$300k per deal instead of millions—but there’s no formal cap on how much each FO can contribute toward one deal either way!
How To Get A Meeting With An Investor Through Raise Money.
Upload your pitch deck and video to Raise Money
Associate yourself and your business with the relevant investor(s) in your network who have already agreed to fund startups in your space
When you get a request for a meeting from an investor, follow up with them by phone or email (if they don’t respond within 5 days, reach out again)
What Investors Are Looking For When They Evaluate A Startup Pitch On Raise Money.
As a founder, you can pitch your startup idea to investors on Raise Money. Here are things that investors are looking for when evaluating your pitch:

A good business idea
A good team
A good market opportunity (is there enough money in this market?)
A solid business plan with a clear strategy and goals (how will you make money?)
A clear and concise pitch (don’t ramble on for 20 minutes) If you can answer all of these questions, then you are ready to pitch your startup idea on Raise Money.

What Types Of Deals Have Tended To Be Most Successful On Raise Money.
When a deal is posted on Raise Money, the founders have the option to include the number of follow-on investors they’ve received. These are referred to as “warm intros” and can range from one investor to over 15. We found that deals with four or more warm intros tend to receive funding more quickly than those without any at all. While this doesn’t mean that your deal will be successful just because you’ve got some warm intros, it does indicate that people in your network will be more likely to invest in you if they see other people investing too.

On average, we found that most deals on Raise Money receive between two and four warm intros before receiving funding or being withdrawn from consideration (meaning there were no further updates). However, there was one case where a founder received over 60 warm intros within 24 hours of posting their company profile! We also saw cases where companies had five or more funding offers within 24 hours but still chose not to proceed with any of them yet (in part because they didn’t want outside pressure).

Learn More About The Options That Could Interest You And Where To Find Those Options In Your Area Before Going Through The Process Of Applying For Funding
Learn more about the options that could interest you and where to find those options in your area before going through the process of applying for funding.
This is important because you want to make sure you’re talking with investors who are looking for deals similar to yours, and that they understand what it takes to get a deal done.
If there aren’t enough deals in your local market, then it makes sense for you as an investor to look further away (you can still be a local investor if you have funds invested locally).
If you want to connect with investors, but don’t know where to start, we can help. We’ve developed a platform that makes it easy for founders to find and connect with the right investors for their startups. You can learn more about how it works by visiting our website at Raise or by contacting us directly via email or phone

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Characteristics That Set Mega888 Apart From Other Online Casinos



Characteristics That Set Mega888 Apart From Other Online Casinos

The world of online gaming has never been the same since the launch of Mega888. It may be argued that the casino is the greatest online casino for all of your gambling needs because it has accomplished so much in such a short period of time.

There is a list of other online casinos, however the majority of them cannot be compared to Mega888. So what precisely sets Mega888 apart from other online casinos? We’ve put together a collection of justifications to aid you comprehend Mega888’s virtues.

The casino provides patrons with a wealth of amenities. So, these are the characteristics that set Mega888 apart from other online casinos in the gambling sector.

Quality of the Online Casino Overall
Prior to going any further, it is important to note the casino’s general level of excellence. One of the main reasons Mega888 is trustworthy is because it never takes advantage of or scams its customers.

The casino will take steps to protect every player from fraud of any kind, making Mega888 a trustworthy and respectable online casino. The Mega888 team is always developing new features to improve the playing experience.

The high-quality games that Mega888 has to offer are among its best features. The online casino’s selection of games goes well beyond simply having outstanding gameplay. The online casino is top-notch because the games have incredible graphics and the casinos provide outstanding customer service to all of their customers.

Mega888 Has Several Different Games.
The range of games available at Mega888 is one of the premium attractions. Mega888 provides an incredible selection of games, all of which are of the highest calibre. The online casino offers a wide variety of games, including shooting, fishing, and arcade games.

Additionally, if you still think that this is insufficient, players can choose from a number of table games. The developers at Mega888 are constantly working to provide fresh material for the players at the online casino, so whenever a player enters the site, they will find new games.

To keep the platform updated with new games each month, the online platform occasionally undergoes maintenance. Consequently, each time you play at the online casino, you will have a distinctive gaming experience. Players can currently choose from hundreds of slot games, numerous live table games, and much more.

Mega888’s security is impenetrable.
The security of the Mega888 is one of its key characteristics. All gamers at Mega888 are helped by the security system’s design, which protects them from danger or attacks from outside sources. However, this wouldn’t have been possible if Mega888 hadn’t given the security team a sizable sum of money from their annual budget.

This indicates that the online casino places a high priority on security and won’t compromise it for anything. There is no history of fraud or account hacking at the online casino’s security. It demonstrates that the online casino ensures the confidentiality of all player financial and personal information right from the start.

You won’t ever need to be concerned about a hack or scam involving your account. The online casino has a good reputation, and Mega888 has received approval from numerous organisations as a legitimate online gaming platform. Additionally, numerous licencing companies have endorsed the casino, demonstrating that it is a secure and safe location to gamble.

The two-factor authentication barrier that Mega888 has for players between the email and the Mega888 Apk is its best security feature. This means that it would be nearly impossible for any outside attacker to access a player’s account without going through two distinct layers of security.

Additionally, if a hacker tries to steal money from a transaction, the online casino’s management team will immediately transfer the money to the legitimate owner after learning about the behaviour.

The security system’s usage of a 128-bit encryption technique is another observable aspect. The casino maintains sensitive data using this technique, including user names, passwords for Mega888 accounts, and financial information.

The online casino’s high level of encryption prevents many hackers from accessing any accounts. Last but not least, the online casino has a firewall that prevents hackers from accessing the site.

Services for Instant Cash Out Using Mega888
Every online casino has its unique cash-out options, and given that these services are available online, it is crucial for the platform to guarantee that the casino offerings are reliable and prompt. Mega888 ensures that their services are simple to use.

All of Mega888’s services to its players appear to be seamless. All that is required of players is consistency and a willingness to take financial risks when playing at an online casino. The casino has remarkable and simple processes in place so that players may withdraw their money with little hassle.

You must get in touch with a dealer in order to collect your money. You have a number of options for doing that, some of which include WeChat, real-time chat, phone calls, or WhatsApp. Make sure that the choice you choose is practical for you since the dealers Mega888 offers are knowledgeable, competent, and professional.

Every request a player submits receives a response within 24 hours, and any questions they may have will be addressed as soon as possible. Players can retrieve their money in the quickest and safest possible manner in this fashion.

Last Words
Overall, Mega888 might have a lot of characteristics that make it a casino you definitely want to play at. However, before you take the major step of gambling with your own money, it’s crucial to understand more about the games and their rules.

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PHP source code was given backdoors thanks to a compromise of the Git server.



PHP source code was given backdoors thanks to a compromise of the Git server.

The official PHP Git repository was breached in the most recent software supply chain attack, and the code base was modified.

Yesterday, two malicious commits were uploaded to the PHP team’s server, which hosts the php-src Git repository.

Threat actors had verified these commits as if Rasmus Lerdorf and Nikita Popov, two well-known PHP developers and maintainers, had made them.

PHP Git server has an RCE backdoor installed.
Yesterday, two malicious contributions were uploaded to the official PHP Git repository in an effort to corrupt the PHP code base.

The event is concerning because 79% of websites on the Internet still use PHP as their server-side programming language.

The attackers released a mystery update upstream called “repair typo” in the malicious commits [1, 2] that BleepingComputer saw under the guise of a little typographical patch.

Looking closer at the newly added line 370, where the zend eval string function is used, reveals that the code in fact creates a backdoor for quickly achieving Remote Code Execution (RCE) on a website using this hacked version of PHP.

Developer Jake Birchall for PHP responded to Michael Voek, who had discovered the error originally, with the explanation, “This line executes PHP code from within the useragent HTTP header, if the string starts with ‘zerodium’.”

Nikita Popov, a PHP maintainer, explained the following to us via email:

“During a regular post-commit code review a few hours after the first commit, it was discovered. The modifications were immediately undone because they were blatantly malicious “According to Popov, BleepingComputer.

The malicious commit was also done under Rasmus Lerdorf’s identity, the person who created PHP.

But that should come as no surprise because with source code version control systems like Git, it is possible to sign off a change locally under a different identity [1, 2] and then upload the spoof commit to the remote Git server, where it appears to have been signed off by the person listed on it.

According to PHP maintainers, this malicious activity originated from the compromised server rather than from the compromise of an individual’s Git account, despite the fact that a thorough investigation of the incident is still ongoing.

The official PHP codebase has been moved to GitHub.
Following this event, the PHP maintainers have chosen to move the official PHP source code repository to GitHub as a precaution.

We’ve made the decision to stop running the server even though our investigation is still ongoing since we believe that keeping our own git infrastructure is an unnecessary security risk.

Popov stated that the GitHub repositories, which were previously merely mirrors, “would become canonical.”

After this modification, Popov demands that any future code updates be uploaded directly to GitHub rather than the site.

Anyone who wants to contribute to the PHP project must now join the PHP organisation on GitHub.

The same security alert includes advice for doing that.

You would need to have two-factor authentication (2FA) set on your GitHub account in order to join the organisation.

Beyond the two commits that were mentioned, “We’re investigating the repositories for any corruption,” says Popov.

In order to learn the full scope of this attack and whether any code was transmitted downstream before the fraudulent commits were discovered, BleepingComputer contacted Popov and the PHP security team.

Although it might have been cloned or forked in the interim, no tags or release artefacts reflect the changes.

Popov added to BleepingComputer, “The changes were in the development branch for PHP 8.1, which is scheduled for release at the end of the year.

The PHP team has confirmed to BleepingComputer that they want to decommission their git server ultimately and switch to GitHub permanently in the coming days.

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Adobe ends support for Flash today and will start blocking Flash content from January 12; major browsers will block Flash content from Jan. 1  —  It’s the end of the line  —  Adobe scheduled its famous Flash software to end on December 31st, 2020, and today is the day.

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